MBIOT BTP Quantitative Course (EMMP)

BE 5100Biomechanics and Biotransport1
BE 5180Optical Microscopy1
BE 5510Biomicrofluidics1
BE 5530Principles, Methods, and Applications of Tissue Engineering1
BE 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
BE 5620Drug Discovery and Development1
BE 5660Networked Neuroscience1
BE 6080Medical Entrepreneurship: Commercializing Translational Science1
CBE 5170Principles of Genome Engineering1
CBE 5440Computational Science of Energy and Chemical Transformations1
CBE 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
CBE 5560The Biochemical Engineering of Wine1
CBE 5570Stem Cells, Proteomics and Drug Delivery - Soft Matter Fundamentals1
CBE 5620Drug Discovery and Development1
CBE 6400Transport Processes I1
CIT 5920Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science1
ENGR 5040Fundamental Concepts in Nanotechnology1
ENM 5030Introduction to Probability and Statistics1
ENM 5100Foundations of Engineering Mathematics - I1
ESE 5660Networked Neuroscience1
MEAM 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
MTR 6200Medical Entrepreneurship: Commercializing Translational Science1