MSE Robotics General Elective (EMRE)

BE 5140Rehab Engineering and Design1
CIS 5050Software Systems1
CIS 5220Deep Learning for Data Science1
CIS 5230Ethical Algorithm Design1
CIS 5480Operating Systems Design and Implementation1
CIS 5500Database and Information Systems1
CIS 5530Networked Systems1
CIS 7000Special Topics1
EAS 5120Engineering Negotiation1
EAS 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
EAS 5460Engineering Entrepreneurship II1
EAS 5950Foundations of Leadership1
ENGR 5400Engineering Economics1
ENM 5020Numerical Methods and Modeling1
ENM 5030Introduction to Probability and Statistics1
ESE 5400Engineering Economics1
ESE 5430Human Systems Engineering1
ESE 5450Data Mining: Learning from Massive Datasets1
ESE 6800Special Topics in Electrical and Systems Engineering1
IPD 5040Rehab Engineering and Design1
IPD 5110How to Make Things: Production Prototyping Studio1
IPD 5140Design for Manufacturability1
IPD 5150Product Design1
IPD 5250Ergonomics/Human Factors Based Product Design1
IPD 5270Industrial Design I1
IPD 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
MEAM 5140Design for Manufacturability1
OIDD 5110How to Make Things: Production Prototyping Studio1
OIDD 5150Product Design1
PHIL 5640Philosophy of Mind1