MSE Robo Technology Elective (EMRT)

BE 5210Brain-Computer Interfaces1
BE 5700Biomechatronics1
CIS 5020Analysis of Algorithms1
CIS 5110Theory of Computation1
CIS 5150Fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Optimization1
CIS 5190Applied Machine Learning1
CIS 5200Machine Learning1
CIS 5210Artificial Intelligence1
CIS 5260Machine Translation1
CIS 5300Natural Language Processing1
CIS 5400Principles of Embedded Computation1
CIS 5410Embedded Software for Life-Critical Applications1
CIS 5450Big Data Analytics1
CIS 5600Interactive Computer Graphics1
CIS 5620Computer Animation1
CIS 5630Physically Based Animation1
CIS 5640Game Design and Development1
CIS 5650GPU Programming and Architecture1
CIS 5800Machine Perception1
CIS 5810Computer Vision & Computational Photography1
CIS 6100Advanced Geometric Methods in Computer Science1
CIS 6200Advanced Topics in Machine Learning1
CIS 6250Theory of Machine Learning1
CIS 6800Advanced Topics in Machine Perception1
ENM 5100Foundations of Engineering Mathematics - I1
ENM 5110Foundations of Engineering Mathematics - II1
ENM 5200Principles and Techniques of Applied Math I1
ENM 5210Principles and Techniques of Applied Math II1
ESE 5000Linear Systems Theory1
ESE 5050Feedback Control Design and Analysis1
ESE 5060Introduction to Optimization Theory1
ESE 5120Dynamical Systems for Engineering and Biological Applications1
ESE 5140Graph Neural Networks1
ESE 5190Smart Devices1
ESE 5300Elements of Probability Theory1
ESE 5310Digital Signal Processing1
ESE 5460Principles of Deep Learning1
ESE 5470Introduction to Legged Locomotion1
ESE 6050Modern Convex Optimization1
ESE 6150F1/10 Autonomous Racing Cars1
ESE 6170Non-Linear Control Theory1
ESE 6180Learning for Dynamics and Control1
ESE 6190Model Predictive Control1
ESE 6250Nanorobotics1
ESE 6500Learning in Robotics1
IPD 5010Integrated Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing and Analysis1
IPD 5160Advanced Mechatronic Reactive Spaces.1
IPD 5190Smart Devices1
MEAM 5080Materials and Manufacturing for Mechanical Design1
MEAM 5100Design of Mechatronic Systems1
MEAM 5130Feedback Control Design and Analysis1
MEAM 5160Advanced Mechatronic Reactive Spaces.1
MEAM 5170Control and Optimization with Applications in Robotics1
MEAM 5200Introduction to Robotics1
MEAM 5350Advanced Dynamics1
MEAM 5430Performance, Stability and Control of UAVs1
MEAM 5450Aerodynamics1
MEAM 6130Non-Linear Control Theory1
MEAM 6200Advanced Robotics1
MEAM 6240Distributed Robotics1
NGG 5210Brain-Computer Interfaces1
PSYC 5790Experimental Methods of Perception1
ROBO 5970Master's Thesis Research1
ROBO 5980Capstone Project1-2
ROBO 5990Masters Independent Study1