BE PhD BioMed Science Course (EPBS)

BBCB 5080Macromolecular Biophysics: Principles and Methods1
BBCB 5090Structural and Mechanistic Biochemistry1
BBCB 5320Computational Biophysics1
BBCB 5850Wistar Institute Cancer Biology Course: Signaling Pathways in Cancer1
BBCB 6220Physical Principles of Mechano-Enzymes1
BBCB 6240Molecular and Physical Basis of Ion Channels0.5
BBCB 6260Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics0.5
BE 5300Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
BE 5320Computational Biophysics1
BE 5530Principles, Methods, and Applications of Tissue Engineering1
BE 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
BE 5580Principles of Biological Fabrication1
BE 5610Musculoskeletal Biology and Bioengineering1
BE 5650Developmental Engineering of Tissues1
BE 5660Networked Neuroscience1
BE 5690Systems Biology of Cell Signaling Behavior1
BIOL 4004Immunobiology1
BIOL 5210Molecular Biology and Genetics1
BIOL 5240Genetic Analysis1
BIOM 5020Molecular Basis of Disease1
BIOM 5100Case Studies in Translational Research (CSTR) (Open to MD/PhD and VMD/PhD students only)1
BIOM 5350Introduction to Bioinformatics1
BIOM 6000Cell Biology1
BMB 5670Bio-inorganic Chemistry1
BMIN 5010Introduction to Biomedical and Health Informatics1
BMIN 5090Consumer and Personal Health Informatics1
CAMB 5110Principles of Development1
CAMB 5320Human Physiology1
CAMB 5500Genetic Principles1
CAMB 5970Neural Development, Regeneration and Repair1
CAMB 6090Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics1
CAMB 6100Molecular Basis of Genetic Therapies1
CAMB 6970Biology of Stem Cells1
CAMB 7520Genomics1
CBE 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
CHEM 5670Bio-inorganic Chemistry1
CIS 5350Introduction to Bioinformatics1
ESE 5660Networked Neuroscience1
GCB 7520Genomics1
IMUN 5060Immune Mechanisms1
IMUN 6090Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics1
MEAM 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
MTR 5350Introduction to Bioinformatics1
NGG 5720Electrical Language of Cells1
NGG 5730Systems Neuroscience1
NGG 5750Neurobiology of Learning and Memory1
NGG 5940Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
NGG 5970Neural Development, Regeneration and Repair1
NGG 6180Recovery After Neural Injury1
NRSC 5585Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
NURS 5290Consumer and Personal Health Informatics1
PHRM 5320Human Physiology1
PHRM 5700Principles of Cardiovascular Biology: Vascular biology, medicine and engineering1
PHRM 6230Fundamentals of Pharmacology1
PHYS 5585Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
PSYC 5390Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
PSYC 6090Systems Neuroscience1