SEAS Mathematics Elective (EUMA)

AMCS 5461Advanced Applied Probability1
AMCS 6081Analysis1
AMCS 6091Analysis1
AMCS 6481Probability Theory1
CIS 1600Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science1
CIS 2610Discrete Probability, Stochastic Processes, and Statistical Inference1
CIS 3333Mathematics of Machine Learning1
ENM 2510Analytical Methods for Engineering1
ENM 3600Introduction to Data-driven Modeling1
ENM 3750Biological Data Science I - Fundamentals of Biostatistics1
ENM 5020Numerical Methods and Modeling1
ENM 5030Introduction to Probability and Statistics1
ENM 5100Foundations of Engineering Mathematics - I1
ENM 5110Foundations of Engineering Mathematics - II1
ENM 5200Principles and Techniques of Applied Math I1
ENM 5400Topics In Computational Science and Engineering1
ESE 2030Linear Algebra with Applications to Engineering and AI1
ESE 3010Engineering Probability1
ESE 4020Statistics for Data Science1
LGIC 1710Introduction to Logic1
LGIC 2100Discrete Mathematics I1
LGIC 2200Discrete Mathematics II1
MATH 1400Calculus, Part I1
MATH 1410Calculus, Part II1
MATH 1610Honors Calculus1
MATH 2020Proving Things: Analysis1
MATH 2030Proving things: Algebra1
MATH 2400Calculus, Part III1
MATH 2410Calculus, Part IV1
MATH 2600Honors Calculus, Part II1
MATH 2989Study Abroad1
MATH 2999Transfer and Credit Away1
MATH 3120Linear Algebra1
MATH 3130Computational Linear Algebra1
MATH 3140Advanced Linear Algebra1
MATH 3200Computer Methods in Mathematical Science I1
MATH 3400Discrete Mathematics I1
MATH 3410Discrete Mathematics II1
MATH 3500Number Theory1
MATH 3600Advanced Calculus1
MATH 3610Advanced Calculus1
MATH 3700Algebra1
MATH 3710Algebra1
MATH 4100Complex Analysis1
MATH 4200Ordinary Differential Equations1
MATH 4250Partial Differential Equations1
MATH 4320Game Theory.1
MATH 4600Topology1
MATH 4650Differential Geometry1
MATH 4800Topics in Modern Math1
MATH 4990Supervised Study0-1
MATH 5000Topology1
MATH 5010Differential Geometry1
MATH 5020Abstract Algebra1
MATH 5030Abstract Algebra1
MATH 5040Graduate Proseminar in Mathematics1
MATH 5050Graduate Proseminar in Mathematics1
MATH 5080Advanced Analysis1
MATH 5090Advanced Analysis1
MATH 5120Advanced Linear Algebra1
MATH 5130Computational Linear Algebra1
MATH 5200Selections from Algebra1
MATH 5460Advanced Applied Probability1
MATH 5600Selections from Geometry and Topology1
MATH 5610Selections from Geometry and Topology1
MATH 5700Logic and Computability 11
MATH 5710Logic and Computability 21
MATH 5800Combinatorial Analysis1
MATH 5810Topics in Combinatorial Theory1
MATH 5999Independent Study1-4
MATH 6000Topology and Geometric Analysis1
MATH 6010Topology and Geometric Analysis1
MATH 6020Algebra1
MATH 6030Algebra1
MATH 6080Analysis1
MATH 6090Analysis1
MATH 6120Selections from Algebra1
MATH 6180Algebraic Topology, Part I1
MATH 6190Algebraic Topology, Part I1
MATH 6200Algebraic Number Theory1
MATH 6210Algebraic Number Theory1
MATH 6220Complex Algebraic Geometry1
MATH 6230Complex Algebraic Geometry1
MATH 6240Algebraic Geometry1
MATH 6250Algebraic Geometry1
MATH 6260Commutative Algebra1
MATH 6280Homological Algebra1
MATH 6290Homological Algebra1
MATH 6420Topics in Partial Differential Equations1
MATH 6440Partial Differential Equations1
MATH 6450Partial Differential Equations1
MATH 6480Probability Theory1
MATH 6520Operator Theory1
MATH 6540Lie Groups1
MATH 6550Lie Groups1
MATH 6560Representation of Continuous Groups1
MATH 6600Differential Geometry1
MATH 6610Differential Geometry1
MATH 6710Topics in Logic1
MATH 6940Mathematical Foundations of Theoretical Physics1
MATH 6950Mathematical Foundations of Theoretical Physics1
MATH 6982Representation of Continuous Groups1
MATH 7020Topics in Algebra1
MATH 7200Advanced Number Theory1
MATH 7210Advanced Number Theory1
MATH 7240Topics in Algebraic Geometry1
MATH 7300Topics in Algebraic and Differential Topology1
MATH 7310Topics in Algebraic and Differential Topology1
MATH 7480Topics in Classical Analysis1
MATH 7520Topics in Operator theory1
MATH 7530Topics in Operator Theory1
MATH 7600Topics in Differential Geometry1
MATH 7610Topics in Differential Geometry1
MATH 8200Algebra Seminar1
MATH 8300Geometry-Topology Seminar1
MATH 8310Geometry-Topology Seminar1
MATH 8710Logic Seminar1
MATH 8810Combinatorics Seminar1
PHIL 1710Introduction to Logic1
PHIL 4723Introduction to Mathematical Logic1
PHIL 6721Logic and Computability 11
PHIL 6722Logic and Computability 21
STAT 4300Probability1
STAT 4310Statistical Inference1
STAT 4320Mathematical Statistics1
STAT 4330Stochastic Processes1
STAT 9300Probability Theory1