SEAS Natural Science (EUNS)

ASTR 1211Introduction to Astrophysics I1
ASTR 1212Introduction to Astrophysics II1
ASTR 1250Astronomical Techniques1
ASTR 3392Life and Death of Stars1
BCHE 2280Physical Models of Biological Systems1
BIOL 1017The Biology of Food1
BIOL 1101Introduction to Biology A1.5
BIOL 1102Introduction to Biology B1.5
BIOL 1110Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
BIOL 1121Introduction to Biology - The Molecular Biology of Life1
BIOL 1123Introductory Molecular Biology Laboratory.5
BIOL 1124Introductory Organismal Biology Lab.5
BIOL 1604Humans and the Environment1
BIOL 2001Essentials of Cell Biology1
BIOL 2010Cell Biology1
BIOL 2110Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology1
BIOL 2140Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
BIOL 2201Essentials of Molecular Biology and Genetics1
BIOL 2210Molecular Biology and Genetics1
BIOL 2410Evolutionary Biology1
BIOL 2610Ecology: From individuals to ecosystems1
BIOL 2801Essentials of Biochemistry1
BIOL 2810Biochemistry1
BIOL 3004Infectious Disease Biology1
BIOL 3006Histology1
BIOL 3054Developmental Biology1
BIOL 3313Essentials of Pathophysiology1
BIOL 3430Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Evolution1
BIOL 3625Marine Biology1
BIOL 3999Independent Study1
BIOL 4004Immunobiology1
BIOL 4010Advanced Cell Biology1
BIOL 4016Molecular Mechanisms of Infectious Disease Biology1
BIOL 4077The Science and Art of Biotechnology1
BIOL 4110Neural Systems and Behavior1
BIOL 4116Neural Circuits for Survival1
BIOL 4210Molecular Genetics1
BIOL 4231Genome Science and Genomic Medicine1
BIOL 4233Genes in Conflict: How sex and selfish genetic elements drive genome evolution1
BIOL 4234Epigenetics1
BIOL 4235The RNA World: A functional and computational analysis1
BIOL 4313Energy Transformations and Living off-the-Grid1
BIOL 4314Molecular Evolution of Physiological Functions1
BIOL 4318Systems Biology: Integrative physiology and biomechanics of the muscular system1
BIOL 4410Advanced Evolution1
BIOL 4411Evolutionary Ecology1
BIOL 4430Evolution and Ecology of Infectious Diseases1
BIOL 4517Theoretical Population Biology1
BIOL 4536Introduction to Computational Biology & Biological Modeling1
BIOL 4600Field Botany1
BIOL 4615Freshwater Ecology1
BIOL 4623Plant Ecology1
BIOL 4701Prokaryotic Microbiology: A Pragmatic View1
BIOL 4710Topics in Prokaryotic Biology: From Molecules to Microbiomes1
BIOL 4825Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Superlab1
BIOL 4999Advanced Independent Study1
BIOL 5010Advanced Cell Biology1
BIOL 5016Molecular Mechanisms of Infectious Disease Biology1
BIOL 5022Cell Signaling1
BIOL 5116Neural Circuits for Survival1
BIOL 5220Human Evolutionary Genomics1
BIOL 5231Genome Science and Genomic Medicine1
BIOL 5233Genes in Conflict: How sex and selfish genetic elements drive genome evolution1
BIOL 5234Epigenetics1
BIOL 5240Genetic Analysis1
BIOL 5314Molecular Evolution of Physiological Functions1
BIOL 5318Systems Biology: Integrative physiology and biomechanics of the muscular system1
BIOL 5410Evolutionary Biology1
BIOL 5430Evolution and Ecology of Infectious Diseases1
BIOL 5510Statistics for Biologists1
BIOL 5517Theoretical Population Biology1
BIOL 5535Introduction to Computational Biology & Biological Modeling1
BIOL 5536Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
BIOL 5600Field Botany1
BIOL 5615Freshwater Ecology1
BIOL 5720Topics in Prokaryotic Biology: From Molecules to Microbiomes1
BIOL 5825Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Superlab1
BIOL 5999Master's Independent Study0.5-3
BIOL 7000Advanced Topics in Current Biological Research1
BIOL 9999Independent Study and Research0.5-4
CAMB 4310Genome Science and Genomic Medicine1
CAMB 4800Advanced Cell Biology1
CAMB 4830Epigenetics1
CAMB 4850The RNA World: A functional and computational analysis1
CAMB 5220Human Evolutionary Genomics1
CHEM 1012General Chemistry I1
CHEM 1022General Chemistry II1
CHEM 1101General Chemistry Laboratory I.5
CHEM 1102General Chemistry Laboratory II.5
CHEM 2210Physical Chemistry I1
CHEM 2220Physical Chemistry II1
CHEM 2230Experimental Physical Chemistry I1
CHEM 2410Principles of Organic Chemistry I1
CHEM 2411Principles of Organic Chemistry I with Laboratory1.5
CHEM 2420Principles of Organic Chemistry II1
CHEM 2421Principles of Organic Chemistry II with Laboratory1.5
CHEM 2422Principles of Organic Chemistry II Laboratory0
CHEM 2451Experimental Organic Chemistry A.5
CHEM 2460Advanced Synthesis and Spectroscopy Laboratory1
CHEM 2510Principles of Biological Chemistry1
CHEM 2999Directed Study and Seminar1
CHEM 3999Independent Research1
CHEM 5210Statistical Mechanics I1
CHEM 5220Statistical Mechanics II1
CHEM 5230Quantum Chemistry I1
CHEM 5240Quantum Chemistry II1
CHEM 5250Molecular Spectroscopy0.5
CHEM 5260Chemical Dynamics1
CHEM 5410Chemical Kinetics0.5
CHEM 5411Physical Organic Chemistry1
CHEM 5430Modern Organic Synthesis1
CHEM 5440Organic Reaction Mechanisms1
CHEM 5510Biological Chemistry I1
CHEM 5520Biological Chemistry II1
CHEM 5570Mechanisms of Biological Catalysis1
CHEM 5620Inorganic Chemistry II1
CHEM 5640Organometallics1
CHEM 5650Main Group Chemistry1
CHEM 6520Proposal Writing for Biological and Physical Chemists0.5
CHEM 9999Independent Study and Research0.5-4
CIS 4360Introduction to Computational Biology & Biological Modeling1
CIS 5360Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
EESC 1000Earth Systems Science1
EESC 1090Introduction to Geotechnical Science1.5
EESC 2120Earth Materials: Minerals and Rocks1
EESC 4200Geochemistry1
EESC 4320Atmospheric Chemistry1
EESC 4360Environmental Fluid Dynamics1
EESC 4440Geomicrobiology1
EESC 4630Hydrology1
EESC 5400Evolution/Revolution of Land Ecosystems1
EESC 6200Advanced Geochemistry1
EESC 6540Advanced Paleoecology Discovering Lost Ecosystems1
ENVS 2390Freshwater Ecology1
ESE 1120Engineering Electromagnetics1.5
GCB 5360Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
MATH 5940Mathematical Methods of Physics1
MSE 2210Quantum Physics of Materials1
NRSC 1110Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
NRSC 2110Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology1
NRSC 2140Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
NRSC 2233Neuroethology1
NRSC 2240Chronobiology and Sleep1
NRSC 2260Neuroendocrinology1
NRSC 2269Autonomic Physiology1
NRSC 2270Drugs, Brain and Mind1
NRSC 2350Developmental Neurobiology1
NRSC 3310Functional Neuroanatomy1
NRSC 3492Experimental Methods in Synaptic Physiology1
NRSC 3999Independent Research1
NRSC 4110Neural Systems and Behavior1
NRSC 4420Smell and Taste1
NRSC 4421Functional Imaging of the Human Brain1
NRSC 4460Neuroendocrinology Seminar1
NRSC 4475Neurodegenerative Disease1
NRSC 4480Biological Basis of Psychiatric Disorders1
NRSC 4481Behavioral Pharmacology1
NRSC 4482Clinical Psychopharmacology1
NRSC 4999Advanced Independent Research1
PHYS 0150Principles of Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion1.5
PHYS 0151Principles of Physics II: Electromagnetism and Radiation1.5
PHYS 0170Honors Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion1.5
PHYS 0171Honors Physics II: Electromagnetism and Radiation1.5
PHYS 1230Principles of Physics III: Vibrations and Waves, Special Relativity, and Thermal Physics1
PHYS 1240Principles of Physics IV: Modern Physics (without laboratory)1
PHYS 1250Principles of Physics IV: Modern Physics1.5
PHYS 2260Introduction to Computational Physics1
PHYS 2280Physical Models of Biological Systems1
PHYS 2999Independent Study1
PHYS 3351Analytical Mechanics1
PHYS 3361Electromagnetism I: Electricity and Potential Theory1
PHYS 3362Electromagnetism II: Magnetism, Maxwell's Equations, and Electromagnetic Waves1
PHYS 3364Laboratory Electronics1
PHYS 4401Thermodynamics and the Introduction to Statistical Mechanics and Kinetic Theory1
PHYS 4411Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I1
PHYS 4412Introduction to Quantum Mechanics II1
PHYS 4414Laboratory in Modern Physics1
PHYS 4421Modern Optics1
PHYS 4498Senior Honor Thesis1
PHYS 5500Mathematical Methods of Physics1
PHYS 5503General Relativity1
PHYS 5505Introduction to Cosmology1
PHYS 5516Electromagnetic Phenomena1
PHYS 5518Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics1
PHYS 5521Advanced Laboratory1
PHYS 5522Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics1
PHYS 5526Astrophysical Radiation1
PHYS 5530Modern Optical Physics and Spectroscopy1
PHYS 5531Quantum Mechanics I1
PHYS 5532Quantum Mechanics II1
PHYS 5533Topics in Cosmology1
PHYS 5561Electromagnetism I1
PHYS 5562Electromagnetism II: Magnetism, Maxwell's Equations, and Electromagnetic Waves1
PHYS 5580Biological Physics1
PHYS 5581Thermodynamics1
PHYS 6601Introduction to Field Theory1
PHYS 6611Statistical Mechanics1
PHYS 6622Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics1
PHYS 6632Relativistic Quantum Field Theory1
PHYS 6633Relativistic Quantum Field Theory1
PHYS 6661Solid State Theory I1
PHYS 6662Solid State Theory II1
PHYS 6696Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics1
PHYS 9900Masters Thesis0
PHYS 9950Dissertation0
PHYS 9999Independent Study1-3
PSYC 1210Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
PSYC 2220Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
PSYC 2250Drugs, Brain and Mind1
PSYC 2260Neuroendocrinology1
PSYC 3220Neural Systems and Behavior1
PSYC 3260Neuroendocrinology Seminar1