SEAS Social Science (EUSS)

ACCT 2110Tax Policy and Practice in the Philadelphia Community1
AFRC 0008Sociology of the Black Community1
AFRC 0010Homelessness & Urban Inequality1
AFRC 1000Introduction to Sociology1
AFRC 1001Introduction to Africana Studies1
AFRC 1060Race and Ethnic Relations1
AFRC 1090Urban Sociology1
AFRC 1123Law and Society1
AFRC 1130Contemporary African Politics1
AFRC 1205Constitutional Law1
AFRC 1206American Constitutional Law II1
AFRC 1780Faculty-Student Collaborative Action Seminar in Urban University-Community Rltn1
AFRC 2210Race and the Media1
AFRC 2240Law and Social Change1
AFRC 2430Race, Science & Justice1
AFRC 2630Contemporary Issues in African Society1
AFRC 4050Religion, Social Justice & Urban Development1
AFRC 4480Neighborhood Displacement and Community Power1
AFRC 4800Liberation and Ownership1
AFRC 4880Topics: Culture, Sexuality and Global Health1
AFRC 5240Inequality & Race Policy1
AFRC 5330Sociology of Race and Ethnicity1
ANTH 0330Language, Society, and the Human Experience1
ARTH 5800Sexuality of Postmodernism1
ARTH 5830Art, Sex and the Sixties1
ASAM 1500Asian Americans In Contemporary Society1
ASAM 1510Race and Ethnic Relations1
BEPP 2010Public Finance and Policy1
BEPP 2020Consumer Financial Decision Making1
BEPP 2030Business in the Global Political Environment.1
BEPP 2080Housing Markets1
BEPP 2110Tax Policy and Practice in the Philadelphia Community1
BEPP 2120Economic Analysis of Law1
BEPP 2140Nonprofit Sector: Economic Challenges and Strategic Responses.1
BEPP 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
BEPP 2330Consumers, Firms and Markets in Developing Countries1
BEPP 2500Managerial Economics1
BEPP 2508Managerial Economics1
BEPP 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
BEPP 2630Environmental & Energy Economics and Policy1
BEPP 2650Economics of Diversity and Discrimination1
BEPP 2800Applied Data Analysis1
BEPP 2840Game Theory for Business and Life1
BEPP 2890Economic Globalization: Policy, History and Contemporary Issues1
BEPP 3050Risk Management1
BIOE 7470Contemporary Research Issues in Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience1
CIMS 3030Queer Cinema1
CIMS 5830Art, Sex and the Sixties1
CIS 7980Explaining Explanation1
CLST 1503Ancient Political Thought1
COML 0030Introduction to Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory1
COML 3220Advanced Topics in Global Gender and Sexuality Studies1
COMM 1230Critical Approaches to Popular Culture1
COMM 1250Introduction to Communication Behavior1
COMM 1300Media Industries and Society1
COMM 2100Quantitative Research Methods in Communication1
COMM 2140Media and South Asia1
COMM 2250Children and Media1
COMM 2260Introduction to Political Communication1
COMM 2300Advertising and Society1
COMM 2600Media Activism Studies1
COMM 2620Social Movements1
COMM 2640Media Culture & Society in Contemporary China1
COMM 2750Communication and Persuasion1
COMM 2820Sick and Satired - The Insanity of Humor and How it Keeps Us Sane1
COMM 2920WARNING! Graphic Content - Political Cartoons, Comix, and the Uncensored Artistic Mind1
COMM 2991Special Topics in Communication1
COMM 3091Communication Internship Seminar1
COMM 3100The Communication Research Experience1
COMM 3130Computational Text Analysis for Communication Research1
COMM 3180Stories From Data: Introduction to Programming for Data Journalism1
COMM 3220History and Theory of Freedom of Expression (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
COMM 3230Contemporary Politics, Policy, and Journalism1
COMM 3280Drawing the Blue Line: Police and Power in American Popular Culture (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
COMM 3300The Hidden World of Privacy Policies1
COMM 3370Public Health Communication in the Digital Age1
COMM 3390Critical Perspectives in Journalism1
COMM 3600Understanding the Political Economy of Media1
COMM 3770Philosophical Problems of Journalism1
COMM 3780Journalism and Public Service1
COMM 3870Comparative Journalism1
COMM 3880Ritual Communication1
COMM 3950Communication and the Presidency1
COMM 3970New Media and Politics1
COMM 3991Special Topics in Communication1
COMM 3999Independent Study1
COMM 4040Media and Politics1
COMM 4070Understanding Social Networks1
COMM 4110Communication, Activism, and Social Change1
COMM 4230Communication and Social Influence Laboratory1
COMM 4280Conventions, Debates, and Campaigns1
COMM 4320Digital Inequalities1
COMM 4590Social Networks and the Spread of Behavior1
COMM 4797Honors & Capstone Thesis1
COMM 4897COMPS Capstone Thesis1
COMM 4991Special Topics in Communication1
COMM 4997Senior Honors Thesis1
COMM 5000Proseminar1
COMM 5220Introduction to Communication Research1
COMM 5230Qualitative Ways of Knowing1
COMM 5250Introduction to Political Communication1
COMM 5300Advertising and the Digital Age1
COMM 5530Research Seminar on Computational Social Science1
COMM 5610Cultural Sociology1
COMM 5770Attitude & Behavior Prediction1
COMM 5940Introduction to Networks1
COMM 6150Experimental Design and Issues in Causality1
COMM 6230Health Psychology Seminar1
COMM 6300Historical Trends of Mass Communication Research1
COMM 6370Public Health Communication1
COMM 6390Communication and Cultural Studies1
COMM 6840Data Visualization for Research1
COMM 6990Advanced Project in a Medium1
COMM 7010Introduction to the Political Economy of Media1
COMM 7060Analysis of Election Data1
COMM 7150Political Communication1
COMM 7220Theories and Methods in Qualitative Research1
COMM 7270Evaluation of Communication Campaigns1
COMM 7390Collective Memory and Journalism1
COMM 7410Media Effects Research Design1
COMM 7830Describing Your Data1
COMM 7880Research Seminar on Internet Experiments1
COMM 7999Independent Research1
COMM 8010Filter Bubbles, Long Tails, & Information Cascades: Methodology for a Fragmented Media Environment1
COMM 8140Doing Internet Studies1
COMM 8150Labor, Communication, and Technology1
COMM 8370The Meaning of Measures: Quantification, Culture, & Digital Technologies1
COMM 8410The Ethics of Forgetting: Media at Risk of Deletion1
COMM 8490Labor in the Digital Economy1
COMM 8510Social Media and Political Information1
COMM 8520It's About Time: Problematizing Time in Social Science Research1
COMM 8550Polarization and Partisan Discord1
COMM 8580CHANGE: Networks and Policy1
COMM 8610Surveillance Capitalism1
COMM 8630Utilizing Mixed Methods in Communication Research1
COMM 8700Advanced Qualitative Research1
COMM 8760The Black Public Sphere, from Freedoms Journal to Black Lives Matter1
COMM 8800The Social Neuroscience of Communication1
COMM 8810The Performance Society: Readings in Social and Media Theories1
COMM 8850Summer Culture1
COMM 8910Special Topics in Media at Risk1
COMM 8980Explaining Explanation1
CRIM 1000Criminology1
CRIM 1100Criminal Justice1
CRIM 1200Statistics for the Social Sciences I1
CRIM 1201Statistics for the Social Sciences II1
CRIM 2010American Death Penalty in Theory and Practice1
CRIM 2030Law and Criminal Justice1
CRIM 2040Forensic Analysis1
CRIM 2060Crime and Human Development1
CRIM 2080Neighborhood Dynamics of Crime1
CRIM 2090Wrongful Convictions1
CRIM 4000Research Seminar in Experiments in Crime and Justice1
CRIM 4001Senior Research Thesis1
CRIM 4002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
CRIM 6000Pro-Seminar in Criminology1
CRIM 6001Pro-Seminar in Criminal Justice1
CRIM 6002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
CRIM 6003Research Methods/Crime Analysis1
CRIM 6004ACriminology in Practice0.5
CRIM 6004BCriminology in Practice0.5
CRIM 6005Evidence-Based Crime Prevention1
CRIM 6710Violence: A Clinical Neuroscience Approach1
CRIM 7000Advanced Pro-Seminar in Criminology1
CRIM 7100Advanced Pro-Seminar in Criminal Justice1
CRIM 9999Independent Study and Research1-2
DEMG 5330Sociology of Race and Ethnicity1
DEMG 6070Introduction to Demography1
DEMG 6090Basic Demographic Methods1
DEMG 7960Demographic, Economic, and Social Interrelations1
EAS 2030Engineering Ethics1
EAS 2610Emerging Technologies and the Future of the World1
ECON 0100Introduction to Micro Economics1
ECON 0120Strategic Reasoning1
ECON 0200Introductory Economics: Macro1
ECON 0410Public Policy Analysis1
ECON 0420Political Economy1
ECON 0430Labor Economics1
ECON 0440Law and Economics1
ECON 0450Industrial Organization1
ECON 0460Economics and Theories of Fairness1
ECON 0465Economics and Philosophy1
ECON 0500International Economics1
ECON 0510Development Economics1
ECON 2100Intermediate Microeconomics1
ECON 2200Intermediate Macroeconomics1
ECON 4100Game Theory1
ECON 4110Economics of Family1
ECON 4120Social Choice Theory1
ECON 4130Market Design1
ECON 4140Decision Making Under Uncertainty1
ECON 4150Mathematical Economics1
ECON 4200Economic Growth1
ECON 4220Monetary and Fiscal Policies1
ECON 4230Macro Perspectives on Challenges for Economic Policy1
ECON 4240Money and Banking1
ECON 4310Macro-Econometric Techniques and Applications1
ECON 4320Micro-econometric Techniques and Applications1
ECON 4410Public Finance1
ECON 4420Political Economy1
ECON 4430Labor Economics1
ECON 4440Law and Economics1
ECON 4450Industrial Organization1
ECON 4460Health Economics1
ECON 4510International Trade1
ECON 4520International Finance1
ECON 4530Topics in Development1
ECON 4900Honors Seminar1
ECON 4910Honors Seminar (II)1
ECON 4999Independent Study1
EDUC 5437Interfaith Dialogue in Action1
EESC 1060Natural Disturbances and Disasters1
EESC 2300Global Climate Change1
ENGL 0159Gender and Society1
ENGL 0160Introduction to Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory1
ENGL 1509Science and Literature1
ENVS 4250Our Water Planet1
FNAR 4100Urban Communities and the Arts1
FNCE 1010Monetary Economics and the Global Economy1
FNCE 1018Monetary Economics and the Global Economy (Honors)1
FNCE 2020Consumer Financial Decision Making1
FNCE 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
GSWS 0002Gender and Society1
GSWS 0003Introduction to Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory1
GSWS 0400Womanism and Identity Politics in the Realm of Hip-Hop1
GSWS 0680Feminist Political Thought1
GSWS 1011The Family1
GSWS 1042Population and Society1
GSWS 1101Sociology of Gender1
GSWS 1490Law and Social Policy on Sexuality and Reproduction1
GSWS 2420Science of Sex & Sexuality1
GSWS 2537Gender and Health1
GSWS 2700Folklore and Sexuality1
GSWS 2770Gender, Sex & Urban Life: The City as a Feminist/Queer/Trans Archive1
GSWS 3020Queer Cinema1
GSWS 3100Politics of Political Writing: From 1
GSWS 3220Advanced Topics in Global Gender and Sexuality Studies1
GSWS 3500Trans Method1
GSWS 4000GSWS Honors Thesis Seminar1
GSWS 4880Topics: Culture, Sexuality and Global Health1
GSWS 4890Fashioning Gender1
GSWS 4999Independent Study1-2
GSWS 5200Art, Sex and the Sixties1
GSWS 5280Witchcraft and Gender in the Early Modern World1
GSWS 5680Gender, Power & Feminist Theory1
GSWS 5780Sexuality of Postmodernism1
GSWS 5850Fashioning Gender1
GSWS 5940Topics in Contemporary Art1
GSWS 5999Independent Study1
HIST 0811Faculty-Student Collaborative Action Seminar in Urban University-Community Rltn1
HIST 0812Perspectives on Urban Poverty1
HIST 0876Medicine in History1
HIST 0877Modern Biology and Social Implications1
HSOC 0000Free Elective Transfer or Away Credit1
HSOC 0100Emergence of Modern Science1
HSOC 0283Medicine, Magic and Miracles1
HSOC 0311Addiction: Understanding how we get hooked and how we recover1
HSOC 0313Cane and Able: Disability in America1
HSOC 0331Autism Epidemic1
HSOC 0361From Medical Missionaries to Community Partners1
HSOC 0387Epidemics in History1
HSOC 0400Medicine in History1
HSOC 0480Health and Societies1
HSOC 0490Comparative Medicine1
HSOC 0600Technology & Society1
HSOC 1120Science Technology and War1
HSOC 1222Medical Sociology1
HSOC 1312Mental Illness1
HSOC 1330Bioethics1
HSOC 1401The Peoples Health1
HSOC 1411American Health Policy1
HSOC 2002Sociological Research Methods1
HSOC 2198Race, Science, and Globalization1
HSOC 2202Health of Populations1
HSOC 2303Fundamentals of Epidemiology1
HSOC 2304Insect Epidemiology Pests, Pollinators and Disease Vectors1
HSOC 2312Healthy Schools1
HSOC 2401Social Determinants of Health1
HSOC 2433Sustainability and Public Health1
HSOC 2457History of Bioethics1
HSOC 2483Health, Politics, and Social Movements1
HSOC 2511Foundations of Public Health1
HSOC 2514Environments and Public Health1
HSOC 2518Devices, Pills, People: American Medicine in the 20th and 21st Centuries1
HSOC 2523Technology and Medicine in Modern America1
HSOC 2537Gender and Health1
HSOC 2563Doing Good?: Humanitarianism and Global Health1
HSOC 2707Data and Death1
HSOC 2999Independent Study1
HSOC 3216Toxicity in Context1
HSOC 3299CSI Global: History of Forensic Science1
HSOC 3313Reproductive Medicine: Societal Impact of New Technologies1
HSOC 3327Birth Culture and Medical Technology1
HSOC 3328Women in Medicine1
HSOC 3356The Human Subject1
HSOC 3377Race and Medicine in the Global South1
HSOC 3383Bioethics and National Security1
HSOC 3488Current Issues in Global Health1
HSOC 3524Medical Mestizaje: Health and Development in Contemporary Latin America1
HSOC 3528Public Health & Violence1
HSOC 3824Animals in Science Medicine Technology1
HSOC 3889Trans Method1
HSOC 4114Sports Science Medicine Technology1
HSOC 4187Sound in Science, Medicine and Technology1
HSOC 4288Invisible Labor in the Human Sciences1
HSOC 4303Disease & Society1
HSOC 4324Medical Activism and the Politics of Health1
HSOC 4327Seeking Health: Tourism, Medicine in America 1800-20001
HSOC 4333Bodies, Gender, Science, and Medicine1
HSOC 4364Biopiracy: Medicinal Plants and Global Power1
HSOC 4375Medicine and Development1
HSOC 4400Research Seminar Health and Society1
HSOC 4528Race and Medicine in America1
HSOC 4588Environments and Health1
HSOC 4595Defining Disability1
HSOC 4980Honors Thesis1
HSOC 4999Capstone Independent Study1
INTG 2610Emerging Technologies and the Future of the World1
INTR 1001Transnational Issues in Global Politics1
INTR 2500Political Risk Analysis1
INTR 2900Topics in International Relations1
INTR 2999Independent Study1
INTR 4197Senior Seminar for Thesis Research I1
INTR 4198Independent Study for Thesis Research1
INTR 4297Senior Seminar For Thesis Research II1
INTR 4597Senior Project I1
INTR 4697Senior Project II1
ITAL 3030Queer Cinema1
LALS 1060Race and Ethnic Relations1
LALS 1090Urban Sociology1
LALS 1103Dilemmas of Immigration1
LALS 1120Latin American Politics1
LALS 1121U.S. Intervention in Latin America1
LALS 1290Race and Ethnic Politics1
LALS 2120Democracy in Latin America1
LALS 2121People of the Land: Indigeneity and Politics in Argentina and Chile (Penn Global Seminar - PGS)1
LALS 2198Race, Science, and Globalization1
LALS 2610Latinos in the United States1
LALS 3377Race and Medicine in the Global South1
LALS 3524Medical Mestizaje: Health and Development in Contemporary Latin America1
LALS 5120Latin American Politics1
LALS 5640Poverty, Race and Health1
LALS 5830Art, Sex and the Sixties1
LALS 6106Democracy in Comparative Perspective1
LGST 1000Ethics and Social Responsibility1
LGST 1008Ethics and Social Responsibility1
LGST 1010Law and Social Values1
LGST 1018Law and Social Values1
LGST 2120Economic Analysis of Law1
LING 0001Introduction to Linguistics1
LING 0054Bilingualism in History1
LING 0060Language and Social Identity1
LING 0130Introduction to Language: Language Structure and Verbal Art1
LING 0150Writing Systems1
LING 0500Introduction to Formal Linguistics1
LING 0600Introduction to Sociolinguistics1
LING 0750Language and Thought1
LING 1100The History of Words1
LING 1500The Keys to Language Structure (and How to Use Them)1
LING 2100Introduction to Language Change1
LING 2220Phonetics II: Data Science1
LING 2250Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems1
LING 2500Introduction to Syntax1
LING 3040Structure of a Language1
LING 3090Language and Computation1
LING 3410Morphology I1
LING 3420Morphology II1
LING 3999Independent Study in Linguistics1
LING 4000Tutorial in Linguistics1
LING 5020Linguistic Field Methods1
LING 5100Historical and Comparative Linguistics1
LING 5210Phonetics I: Experimental1
LING 5220Phonetics II: Data Science1
LING 5250Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems1
LING 5300Sound Structure of Language1
LING 5310Phonology I1
LING 5320Phonology II1
LING 5510Syntax I1
LING 5520Syntax II1
LING 5560Historical Syntax1
LING 5620Quantitative Study of Linguistic Variation1
LING 5660The Study of the Speech Community: Field Methods1
LING 5700Developmental Psycholinguistics1
LING 6100Seminar in Historical and Comparative Linguistics1
LING 6110Comparative Indo-European Grammar I1
LING 6200Topics in Phonetics1
LING 6300Topics in Phonology1
LING 6400Seminar in Morphology1
LING 6580Topics in the Syntax-Semantics Interface1
LING 6600Research Seminar in Sociolinguistics1
NRSC 1159Memory1
NRSC 2227Physiology of Motivated Behavior1
NRSC 2249Cognitive Neuroscience1
NURS 3130Obesity and Society1
NURS 3150Sociocultural Influences on Health1
NURS 3160Social Determinants of Global Food Insecurity1
NURS 3300Theoretical Foundations of Health Care Ethics1
NURS 5250Ethical Aspects of Health and Technology1
OIDD 2000Grit Lab: Fostering Passion and Perseverance in Ourselves and Others (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
OIDD 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
OIDD 2630Environmental & Energy Economics and Policy1
OIDD 9530Explaining Explanation1
PPE 1001Introduction to PPE: Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation1
PPE 3001Strategic Reasoning1
PPE 3002Public Policy Process1
PPE 3003Behavioral Economics and Psychology1
PPE 3999Independent Study1
PPE 4000Research in Philosophy, Politics & Economics1
PPE 4500Advanced Seminar in Philosophy1
PPE 4600Advanced Seminar in Political Science1
PPE 4601Advanced Seminar in Social Policy1
PPE 4700Advanced Seminar in Economics1
PPE 4701Advanced Seminar in Political Economy1
PPE 4800Advanced Seminar in Psychology1
PPE 4802Advanced Seminar in Psychology: Obedience1
PPE 4998Directed Honors Research1
PPE 4999Advanced Research1
PSCI 0010First-Year Seminar1
PSCI 0100Introduction to Comparative Politics1
PSCI 0101Comparative Politics of Developing Areas1
PSCI 0200Introduction to American Politics1
PSCI 0400Introduction to International Relations1
PSCI 0600Ancient Political Thought1
PSCI 0601Modern Political Thought1
PSCI 0602American Political Thought1
PSCI 0680Feminist Political Thought1
PSCI 1100Ethnic Conflict1
PSCI 1101The Politics of Slow Moving Crises1
PSCI 1102Political Economy of Development1
PSCI 1103Dilemmas of Immigration1
PSCI 1120Latin American Politics1
PSCI 1121U.S. Intervention in Latin America1
PSCI 1130Contemporary African Politics1
PSCI 1140Politics in the Contemporary Middle East1
PSCI 1150Contemporary Chinese Politics1
PSCI 1170Politics of Post War Western Europe1
PSCI 1171The European Union1
PSCI 1172Russian Politics1
PSCI 1173Comparative Health Politics1
PSCI 1180Sex and Power1
PSCI 1200Public Policy Process1
PSCI 1201Public Opinion and American Democracy1
PSCI 1202Changing American Electorate1
PSCI 1203The American Presidency1
PSCI 1205Constitutional Law1
PSCI 1206American Constitutional Law II1
PSCI 1207Who Gets Elected and Why? The Science of Politics1
PSCI 1208The Politics of Food and Agriculture1
PSCI 1210Introduction to Political Communication1
PSCI 1290Race and Ethnic Politics1
PSCI 1401International Security1
PSCI 1402International Political Economy1
PSCI 1403International Law & Institutions1
PSCI 1404American Foreign Policy1
PSCI 1406International Human Rights1
PSCI 1407Ethics and International Relations1
PSCI 1408War, Strategy and Politics1
PSCI 1440International Politics of the Middle East1
PSCI 1441Arab Israeli Relations1
PSCI 1600Contemporary Political Thought1
PSCI 1800Introduction to Data Science1
PSCI 1801Statistical Methods PSCI1
PSCI 1991Selected Topics in Political Science1
PSCI 2120Democracy in Latin America1
PSCI 2121People of the Land: Indigeneity and Politics in Argentina and Chile (Penn Global Seminar - PGS)1
PSCI 2160Modern India1
PSCI 2200From Theory to Practice in Washington D.C.2
PSCI 2201Polarization1
PSCI 2203Healthy Schools1
PSCI 2204Congress, Elections and American Democracy1
PSCI 2206Race, Ethnicity and Constitutional Law1
PSCI 2401Emerging Technologies and the Future of the World1
PSCI 2490Topics in Race and International Relations1
PSCI 2991Selected Topics in Political Science1
PSCI 3150China's Political Economy1
PSCI 3151Politics, Geopolitics, and China's Role in the World's Renewable Energy Revolution1
PSCI 3400The Causes of War & Peace1
PSCI 3800Applied Data Science1
PSCI 3991Selected Topics in Political Science1
PSCI 4100Power Sharing in Deeply Divided Places - BFS1
PSCI 4170Comparative Politics of the Welfare State1
PSCI 4180Issues Comp Pol/Gender1
PSCI 4200Political Psychology1
PSCI 4208Media and Politics1
PSCI 4290Race & Criminal Justice1
PSCI 4291Social Movements1
PSCI 4292Modern Presidency & Race1
PSCI 4450Chinese Foreign Policy1
PSCI 4600Meaning of Democracy1
PSCI 4800Evidence Based Policies of Economic and Political Development1
PSCI 4897Andrea Mitchell Center Undergraduate Research Seminar0.5
PSCI 4991Selected Topics in Political Science1
PSCI 4997Political Science Honors1
PSCI 4999Honors Thesis Independent Study1
PSCI 5120Latin American Politics1
PSCI 5160Society and Politics in India1
PSCI 5200Public Opinion & Elections1
PSCI 5290Inequality & Race Policy1
PSCI 5400Borders & Boundaries in IR1
PSCI 5401Human Rights1
PSCI 5680Gender, Power & Feminist Theory1
PSCI 5681Sex, Gender, History in Political Theory1
PSCI 5800Game Theory1
PSCI 5991Selected Topics1
PSCI 6100Comparative Political Analysis1
PSCI 6101Great Books in Comparative Politics1
PSCI 6103Identity Politics1
PSCI 6104Political Economy of Development1
PSCI 6105Hegemonic Analysis: Theories and Applications1
PSCI 6106Democracy in Comparative Perspective1
PSCI 6200Survey of American Institutions1
PSCI 6201American Political Development1
PSCI 6350Experimental Design and Issues in Causality1
PSCI 6400International Relations Theory1
PSCI 6401Strategic Studies Seminar1
PSCI 6402International Political Economy1
PSCI 6800Advanced Statistical Analysis1
PSCI 6802Qualitative Methods1
PSCI 7150Political Communication1
PSCI 7991Selected Topics in Political Science1
PSCI 8050Analysis of Election Data1
PSYC 0001Introduction to Experimental Psychology1
PSYC 0400The Pursuit of Happiness1
PSYC 0405Grit Lab: Fostering Passion and Perseverance in Ourselves and Others (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PSYC 1212Physiology of Motivated Behavior1
PSYC 1230Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 1310Language and Thought1
PSYC 1340Perception1
PSYC 1440Social Psychology1
PSYC 1450Personality and Individual Differences1
PSYC 1462Abnormal Psychology1
PSYC 1530Memory1
PSYC 1777Introduction to Developmental Psychology1
PSYC 2377Cognitive Development1
PSYC 2400Introduction to Positive Psychology (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PSYC 2477Social and Emotional Development1
PSYC 2737Judgment and Decisions1
PSYC 2750Behavioral Economics and Psychology1
PSYC 2900Evolutionary Psychology1
PSYC 3100Being Human: The Biology of Human Behavior, Cognition, and Culture1
PSYC 3230Neuroscience for Policymakers: Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar1
PSYC 3440Friendship and Attraction Seminar (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PSYC 3446The Science of Well-Being (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PSYC 3461Survey of Mood Disorders Seminar1
PSYC 3730Three Perspectives on Judgment and Decision Making: Seminar1
PSYC 3780Advanced Seminar in Psychology: Obedience1
PSYC 3900Behavioral Biology of Women Seminar1
PSYC 3990Sleep and Sleep Disorders1
PSYC 4310Research Experience in Cognitive Psychology1
PSYC 4340Research Experience in Perception1
PSYC 4440Sexuality and Attraction Research Experience Course1
PSYC 4462Research Experience in Abnormal Psychology1
PSYC 4998Mentored Research1-2
PSYC 6000Proseminar in General Psychology0.5-1
PSYC 6999Individual Research for First-Year Graduate Students0.5-4
PSYC 7030Special Topics in Psychology1
PSYC 7040Research Methods and Statistical Procedures for Social and Clinical Sciences1
PSYC 7090Special Topics in Clinical Psychology0.5-1
PSYC 7110Regression & ANOVA1
PSYC 7450Special Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 7470Contemporary Research Issues in Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience1
PSYC 8100Psychodiagnostic Testing1
PSYC 8110Psychodiagnostic Interviewing1
PSYC 8150Introductory Practicum1
PSYC 8200Advanced Practicum1
PSYC 9999Individual Study and Research0.5-4
REAL 2080Housing Markets1
REAL 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
REES 1535Russian Politics1
RELS 4050Religion, Social Justice & Urban Development1
SAST 1110Media and South Asia1
SOCI 0100Sociology of the Black Community1
SOCI 0600Technology & Society1
SOCI 1000Introduction to Sociology1
SOCI 1010The Family1
SOCI 1020American Society1
SOCI 1030Deviance1
SOCI 1040Population and Society1
SOCI 1050Social Stratification1
SOCI 1051Class Matters: Poverty, Prosperity, and the American Dream1
SOCI 1060Race and Ethnic Relations1
SOCI 1070Media and Popular Culture1
SOCI 1090Urban Sociology1
SOCI 1100Sociology of Gender1
SOCI 1110Medical Sociology1
SOCI 1111Mental Illness1
SOCI 1120Law and Society1
SOCI 1140Asian Americans In Contemporary Society1
SOCI 2000Sociological Research Methods1
SOCI 2200Religion1
SOCI 2210Race and the Media1
SOCI 2220Health of Populations1
SOCI 2240Law and Social Change1
SOCI 2250Work in a Changing World - The Sociology of Work1
SOCI 2410Metropolitan Growth and Poverty1
SOCI 2420Social Problems and Public Policy1
SOCI 2430Race, Science & Justice1
SOCI 2450Poverty, Race and Health1
SOCI 2470Outsider Within: Unpacking Intersectionality in Everyday Life1
SOCI 2480Economic Inequality, Advantage and the Rich1
SOCI 2600Global Health1
SOCI 2610Latinos in the United States1
SOCI 2620Social Movements1
SOCI 2630Contemporary Issues in African Society1
SOCI 2640Media Culture & Society in Contemporary China1
SOCI 2920Criminology1
SOCI 2921Criminal Justice1
SOCI 2940Homelessness & Urban Inequality1
SOCI 2942Cities, Suburbs, Regions1
SOCI 2943Global Urban Education1
SOCI 2944Perspectives on Urban Poverty1
SOCI 2945Globalization & The City: Global Urbanization1
SOCI 2946The History & Theory of Community Organizing1
SOCI 2951The Information Age1
SOCI 2971Bioethics1
SOCI 3000Classical Sociological Theory1
SOCI 3010Contemporary Sociological Theory1
SOCI 3200Qualitative Methods1
SOCI 3998Independent Study1
SOCI 3999Senior Research1
SOCI 4002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
SOCI 4100Thesis Workshop I0.5
SOCI 4101Thesis Workshop II0.5
SOCI 4998Honors Independent Study1
SOCI 5330Sociology of Race and Ethnicity1
SOCI 5440Sociology of the Climate Emergency1
SOCI 5530Ethnography of Sociological Research1
SOCI 5550Pro-Seminar in Sociological Research0
SOCI 5560Pro-Seminar in Sociological Research II1
SOCI 5610Cultural Sociology1
SOCI 5620Soci Movements & Poli Sc1
SOCI 5630Mechanisms for Perpetuating or Reducing Inequality by Class, Race and Gender1
SOCI 5640Poverty, Race and Health1
SOCI 6002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
SOCI 6070Introduction to Demography1
SOCI 6090Basic Demographic Methods1
SOCI 7960Demographic, Economic, and Social Interrelations1
SOCI 8810The Performance Society: Readings in Social and Media Theories1
SOCI 9990Directed Readings and Research1
SOCI 9999Independent readings and research1
STSC 0100Emergence of Modern Science1
STSC 0283Medicine, Magic and Miracles1
STSC 0313Cane and Able: Disability in America1
STSC 0387Epidemics in History1
STSC 0400Medicine in History1
STSC 0490Comparative Medicine1
STSC 0600Technology & Society1
STSC 1101Science and Literature1
STSC 1120Science Technology and War1
STSC 1151Modern Biology and Social Implications1
STSC 1201Darwin's Legacy: The Evolution of Evolution1
STSC 1600The Information Age1
STSC 1788Everyday Technologies and the Making of the Modern World1
STSC 1880Environment and Society1
STSC 1897Environmental History1
STSC 2078Agriculture & Science in the Pacific World1
STSC 2080Science and Religion: Global Perspectives1
STSC 2097Race and Gender in Global Science1
STSC 2186Climate Change: Science, Technology and Society1
STSC 2198Race, Science, and Globalization1
STSC 2296Technologies of Self and Society1
STSC 2303Fundamentals of Epidemiology1
STSC 2304Insect Epidemiology Pests, Pollinators and Disease Vectors1
STSC 2607Cyberculture1
STSC 2707Data and Death1
STSC 2708Digital Democracy1
STSC 2757Prove It: Mathematics and Certainty1
STSC 2829Nature's Nation: Americans and Their Environment1
STSC 2999Independent Study1
STSC 3087Science and Spectacle: Seeing is Believing1
STSC 3145The Universe: Historical Inquiries in Physics, Philosophy and Religious Belief1
STSC 3167Global Radiation History: Living in the Atomic Age 1945-Present1
STSC 3183Profit and Knowledge1
STSC 3216Toxicity in Context1
STSC 3288What is Prediction?1
STSC 3299CSI Global: History of Forensic Science1
STSC 3334Hybrid Science: Nature, health, and society in Latin America1
STSC 3509Bioethics and National Security1
STSC 3607Data Dreams1
STSC 3627Waters, Roads and Wires1
STSC 3657Technology & Democracy1
STSC 3708The Many Lives of Data: Population, Environment, and Planning in the United States1
STSC 3709Rifle and Compass1
STSC 3824Animals in Science Medicine Technology1
STSC 3889Trans Method1
STSC 4000Capstone Research Seminar in Science, Technology and Society1
STSC 4114Sports Science Medicine Technology1
STSC 4187Sound in Science, Medicine and Technology1
STSC 4288Invisible Labor in the Human Sciences1
STSC 4364Biopiracy: Medicinal Plants and Global Power1
STSC 4595Defining Disability1
STSC 4980Honors Thesis1
STSC 4999Undergraduate Independent Study1
URBS 0010Homelessness & Urban Inequality1
URBS 1030Industrial Metropolis1
URBS 1060Race and Ethnic Relations1
URBS 1090Urban Sociology1
URBS 1170Media and Popular Culture1
URBS 1400Inequity and Empowerment: Urban Financial Literacy1
URBS 1780Faculty-Student Collaborative Action Seminar in Urban University-Community Rltn1
URBS 2000Introduction to Urban Research1
URBS 2020Urban Education1
URBS 2030Introduction to City Planning: Planning Urban Spaces1
URBS 2040Urban Law1
URBS 2050People and Design1
URBS 2060Public Environment of Cities: An Introduction to the Urban Landscape1
URBS 2090Neighborhood Dynamics of Crime1
URBS 2160Social Entrepreneurship1
URBS 2190The Heart of Social Change1
URBS 2410Metropolitan Growth and Poverty1
URBS 2450Poverty, Race and Health1
URBS 2500Urban Public Policy: Philadelphia -- A Case Study1
URBS 2520Urban Journalism1
URBS 2530Cities, Suburbs, Regions1
URBS 2580Global Urban Education1
URBS 2770Gender, Sex & Urban Life: The City as a Feminist/Queer/Trans Archive1
URBS 2850Health on the urban margins: The experience of health in American cities1
URBS 2900Metropolitan Nature1
URBS 2999Independent Study1
URBS 3000Fieldwork Seminar2
URBS 3200Who Gets Elected and Why? The Science of Politics1
URBS 3300GIS Applications in Social Science1
URBS 3999Independent Study1
URBS 4000Senior Seminar1
URBS 4010Urban Studies Honors1
URBS 4040Philanthropy and the City1
URBS 4050Religion, Social Justice & Urban Development1
URBS 4100Urban Communities and the Arts1
URBS 4120Building Non-Profits: The Business of a Mission-Driven Organization1
URBS 4150Urban Real Estate Markets1
URBS 4170Cities and Sustainability1
URBS 4190Urban Transportation in Flux1
URBS 4200Perspectives on Urban Poverty1
URBS 4350The Political Economy of Urban Development1
URBS 4400Introduction to City Planning: History, Theory and Practice1
URBS 4480Neighborhood Displacement and Community Power1
URBS 4500Urban Redevelopment1
URBS 4510The Politics of Housing and Urban Development1
URBS 4520Community Economic Development1
URBS 4540City Limits: The Impact of Urban Policy1
URBS 4570Globalization & The City: Global Urbanization1
URBS 4730The History & Theory of Community Organizing1
URBS 4760Urban Housing & Community Development Policy in America1
URBS 4780Undergraduate Urban Research Colloquium1
URBS 4800Liberation and Ownership1
URBS 4999Independent Study1-2
URBS 5060Public Environment of Cities: An Introduction to the Urban Landscape1
URBS 5300GIS Applications in Social Science1
URBS 5999Independent Study1
URBS 6080Urban Studies Proseminar1
URBS 6999Independent Study1
URBS 7999Independent Study1
URBS 8999Independent Study1
VLST 2110Perception1
VLST 2120Research Experience in Perception1