SEAS Tech,Business,Society (EUTB)

CIS 1070Visual Culture through the Computer's Eye1
CIS 1250Technology and Policy1
CIS 4230Ethical Algorithm Design1
CIS 5230Ethical Algorithm Design1
DSGN 0020Design 21: Design After the Digital1
DSGN 2570User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design1
EAS 2020Rivers in a Changing World1
EAS 2040Technical Innovation & Civil Discourse in a Dynamic World1
EAS 2200SEAS Global Program - Argentina I1
EAS 2210SEAS Global Program - Argentina II1
EAS 2220SEAS Global Program - China I1
EAS 2230SEAS Global Program - China II1
EAS 2240SEAS Global Program - Guatemala I1
EAS 2250SEAS Global Program - Guatemala II1
EAS 2260SEAS Global Program - Rwanda I1
EAS 2270SEAS Global Program - Rwanda II1
EAS 2280SEAS Global Program - Ghana I1
EAS 2420Energy Education in Philadelphia Schools1
EAS 3010Climate Policy and Technology1
EAS 3060Electricity and Systems Markets1
EAS 4010Energy and Its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability1
EAS 4020Renewable Energy and Its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability.1
EAS 4030Energy Systems and Policy1
EAS 4080Building Leadership1
EAS 5010Energy and its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability.1
EAS 5020Renewable Energy and Its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability1
EAS 5050Climate Policy and Technology1
EAS 5070Intellectual Property and Business Law for Engineers1
EAS 5100Technical Communication and Academic Wrting for Non-native Speakers of English1
EAS 5120Engineering Negotiation1
EAS 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
EAS 5460Engineering Entrepreneurship II1
EAS 5490Engineering Entrepreneurship Lab1
EAS 5900Commercializing Information Technology1
EAS 5950Foundations of Leadership1
ENVS 3700GIS: Mapping Places & Analyzing Spaces1
IPD 5090Needfinding1
IPD 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
LGST 2440Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies: Business, Legal, and Regulatory Considerations1
MGMT 2370Management of Technology1
MKTG 2470Marketing Strategy for Technology Platforms0.5
NURS 3570Case Study: Innovation in Health: Foundations of Design Thinking & Equity-centered Design1
OIDD 2360Scaling Operations in Technology Ventures: Linking Strategy and Execution1
OIDD 2550Artificial Intelligence, Business, and Society1
OIDD 3140Enabling Technologies0.5-1
OIDD 3990Supervised Study0.5-1
VLST 2090Visual Culture through the Computer's Eye1
WH 1010Business and You.5