DSGN Design MFA Elective (FMAE)

ARTH 5960Contemporary Art Seminar1
DSGN 5001Art, Design and Digital Culture1
DSGN 5002Design 21: Design After the Digital1
DSGN 5003Digital Illustration1
DSGN 5004Art of the Web: Interactive Concepts for Art & Design1
DSGN 50053-D Computer Modeling1
DSGN 5006Open Book1
DSGN 5007Typography1
DSGN 5009Digital Figure Modeling1
DSGN 5011Book and Publication Design1
DSGN 5012Environmental Animation1
DSGN 5013Graphic Design Practicum1
DSGN 5014Advanced 3D Modeling1
FNAR 5004Video I1
FNAR 5007Digital Photography1
FNAR 5008Mixed Media Animation1
FNAR 5011Intro to Clay1
FNAR 5012Figure Drawing I1
FNAR 5013Painting I1
FNAR 5018Advanced Video Projects1
FNAR 5021Advanced Lens Based Projects1
FNAR 5022Performance/Camera: Performance and-with-through-for Cameras1
FNAR 5023Performance Studio1
FNAR 5024Hand-Drawn Computer Animation1
FNAR 5025Computer Animation1
FNAR 5026Digital Photography II1
FNAR 5027Reconfiguring Portraiture1
FNAR 5029Photography & Fashion1
FNAR 5031Photograhy and Fiction1
FNAR 5032Counter the Land: Photography and the Landscape1
FNAR 5033Dispersive Lens1
FNAR 5036Drawing Investigations1
FNAR 5038Painting II1
FNAR 5040Painting Studio1
FNAR 5041Interdisciplinary Studio: Sites of Convergence and Hybridity1
FNAR 5043Printmaking: Etching1
FNAR 5044Printmaking: Screen Printing1
FNAR 5045Printmaking & Publications: Intro to Independent Publishing and Artists' Publications1
FNAR 5047Advanced Sculpture: Installation & Intervention1
FNAR 5048Nonhuman Photography1
FNAR 5049Machine for Seeing: Architecture and the Moving Image1
FNAR 5050A Virus in the Culture: Social Critique in Media Arts1
FNAR 5055Tiananmen Square: A Case Study for Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture1
FNAR 5059Public Art and Issues of Spatial Production1
FNAR 5061Mystics & Visionaries: Arts and Other Ways of Knowing1
FNAR 5062Civic Studio1
FNAR 5180Paris Modern: Spiral City1
FNAR 6050Contemporary Art Seminar1
FNAR 7120Visual Epistemologies for Creative Practices1
FNAR 7200Topics in Representation1