DSGN Design Masters ARCH Elective (FMAR)

ARCH 6980Architectural Association (AA), London1
ARCH 7110Topics in Architecture Theory I1
ARCH 7120Topics in Architecture Theory II1
ARCH 7121Topics in Architecture Theory II1
ARCH 7122Topics in Architecture Theory II1
ARCH 7123Topics in Architecture Theory II1
ARCH 7140Museum as Site: Critique, Intervention and Production1
ARCH 7180History and Theory of Architecture and Climate: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century1
ARCH 7190Archigram and Its Legacy: London, A Technotopia1
ARCH 7200Visual Literacy and its Culture1
ARCH 7210Designing Smart Objects for Play and Learning1
ARCH 7240Technology in Design1
ARCH 7250Design Thinking1
ARCH 7260Furniture Design Strategic Process1
ARCH 7280Design of Contemporary Products: Design for Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility1
ARCH 7300Techniques, Morphology, and Detailing1
ARCH 7310Experiments in Structures1
ARCH 7340Ecological Architecture - Contemporary Practices1
ARCH 7370Semi-Fictitious Realms: A History and Future of Virtual Reality1
ARCH 7371Remixed Realities1
ARCH 7380The Modern House: Technology Then and Now1
ARCH 7390New Approaches to an Architecture of Health1
ARCH 7410Architecture Design Innovation1
ARCH 7420Function of Fashion in Architecture1
ARCH 7430Form and Algorithm1
ARCH 7440Image, Object, Architecture1
ARCH 7460Cinema and Architecture in Translation1
ARCH 7480Architecture and the New Elegance1
ARCH 7490Indeterminate Delineations1
ARCH 7500Parafictional Objects1
ARCH 7620Design and Development1
ARCH 7650Project Management1
ARCH 7680Real Estate Development1
ARCH 7820Architecture Study Abroad Program0-1
ARCH 8140The Concept of an Avant-Garde1
CPLN 6430Design and Development1
IPD 5210Designing Smart Objects for Play and Learning1
IPD 5270Industrial Design I1
IPD 5280Design of Contemporary Products: Design for Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility1
IPD 5440Image, Object, Architecture1
IPD 5720Design Thinking1
REAL 8210Real Estate Development1