DSGN Design Masters HSPV Elective (FMHP)

ANTH 5080Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites and Landscapes1
CPLN 6870Topics in Historic Preservation1
HSPV 5310American Domestic Interiors1
HSPV 5340Public History - Theory and Practice1
HSPV 5380Cultural Landscapes and Landscape Preservation1
HSPV 5510Building Pathology1
HSPV 5520Building Diagnostics and Monitoring1
HSPV 5550Architectural Conservation1
HSPV 5720Preservation Through Public Policy1
HSPV 6060Historic Site Management1
HSPV 6200Topics in Historic Preservation & Public History1
HSPV 6210Heritage and Social Justice1
HSPV 6250Preservation Economics1
HSPV 6380Topics in Historic Preservation1
HSPV 6710Historic Preservation Law1
HSPV 7380Conservation Seminar: Wood1
HSPV 7390Conservation Seminar: Masonry1
HSPV 7400Conservation Seminar: Finishes1
HSPV 7410Topics in Architectural Conservation1
HSPV 7470Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites and Landscapes1
HSPV 7500Architectural Conservation Praxis: Traditional Buildings / Traditional Practice1
HSPV 7600Preservation Planning Praxis1
LARP 7380Cultural Landscapes and Landscape Preservation1