GSE PHD Educational Linguistics Options (GDLC)

ANTH 5470Anthropology and Education1
ANTH 6030Language in Culture and Society1
EDUC 5204Citizen Sociolinguistics1
EDUC 5208Classroom Discourse and Interaction1
EDUC 5252Language Diversity and Education1
EDUC 5495Anthropology and Education1
EDUC 6205Linguistics in Education1
EDUC 6210Sociolinguistics in Education1
EDUC 6215Approaches to Teaching English and Other Modern Languages1
EDUC 7225Second Language Development1
EDUC 9205Research Seminar: Language Policy and Education1
EDUC 9210Issues in Second Language Acquisition1
LALS 6610Language Diversity and Education1
LING 2220Phonetics II: Data Science1
LING 2250Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems1
LING 5000Research Workshop1
LING 5100Historical and Comparative Linguistics1
LING 5150Dynamics of Language1
LING 5210Phonetics I: Experimental1
LING 5220Phonetics II: Data Science1
LING 5250Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems1
LING 5300Sound Structure of Language1
LING 5310Phonology I1
LING 5320Phonology II1
LING 5510Syntax I1
LING 5520Syntax II1
LING 5560Historical Syntax1
LING 5660The Study of the Speech Community: Field Methods1
LING 5700Developmental Psycholinguistics1
LING 5820Semantics II1
LING 6110Comparative Indo-European Grammar I1
LING 6200Topics in Phonetics1
LING 6300Topics in Phonology1
LING 6400Seminar in Morphology1
LING 6500Topics in Natural-Language Syntax1
LING 6600Research Seminar in Sociolinguistics1
LING 9999Independent Study and Research1
URBS 5470Anthropology and Education1