GSE PHD Educational Linguistics Quantitative (GDLN)

EDUC 6139Design of Learning Environments1
EDUC 6625Data Processing and Analysis1
EDUC 6667Introductory Statistics for Educational Research1
EDUC 6680Evaluation of Policies, Programs and Projects1
EDUC 6683Survey Methods & Design1
EDUC 6684Measurement & Assessment1
EDUC 7462Advanced Topics in Monitoring & Evaluation in IED1
EDUC 7668Measurement Theory and Test Construction1
EDUC 7671Factor Analysis and Scale Development1
EDUC 7677Structural Equations Modeling1
EDUC 7762Introduction to Applied Quantitative Methods for Education Research: Pre-K to 201
EDUC 7836Quasi-Experimental Design1
EDUC 7847Social and Statistical Network Analysis1
EDUC 8629Policy Research1
EDUC 8671Randomized Trials and Experiments1
EDUC 8680Complex, Multilevel, and Longitudinal Research Models1
EDUC 8681Classifications, Profiles, and Latent Growth Mixture Models1
EDUC 9764Research Seminar in Applied Research Synthesis Methods1