GSE MSED Human Development Distribution (GMHD)

AFRC 5220Psychology of the African-American1
EDUC 2535Psychology of Women1
EDUC 2541Educational Psychology1
EDUC 3545Psychology of Personal Growth1
EDUC 3560Human Development in Global Perspective1
EDUC 5522Psychology of the African-American1
EDUC 5553Foundations of Education for Diverse Learners1
EDUC 5557Developmental Theories: Applications with Adolescents0.5-1
EDUC 5558Developmental Theories: Applications with Young Adults1
EDUC 5561Adolescent Development1
EDUC 5568Cognitive Development1
EDUC 5581Advanced Psychology of Women1
EDUC 5584Basic Counseling Skills1
EDUC 5585Advanced Group and Family Counseling1
EDUC 5587Human Sexuality1
EDUC 5594Race/Ethnicity in Human Development1
EDUC 6503Wellness and Addictions Counseling1
EDUC 6510Cultural Perspectives on Human Development1
EDUC 6512LGBT Counseling & Development1
EDUC 6513Group Counseling1
EDUC 6515Parenting and Children's Educational Development1
EDUC 6517Counseling for School to Career Transitions1
EDUC 6558Diagnosis and Psychopatholgy1
EDUC 6563Sociocultural Foundations in Counseling1
EDUC 6577Information and Communications Technologies for Education and Development in Global Perspective1
EDUC 6585Career Counseling and Development1
EDUC 6586Counseling Interventions1
EDUC 6587Counseling Ethics & Professional Principles1
EDUC 6588Counseling Practicum1
EDUC 6625Data Processing and Analysis1
EDUC 6667Introductory Statistics for Educational Research1
EDUC 6683Survey Methods & Design1
EDUC 6684Measurement & Assessment1
EDUC 7509Peer Relationships in Childhood and Adolescence1
EDUC 7517Professional Internship in Counseling I1
EDUC 7518Professional Internship in Counseling II0-1
EDUC 7525Advanced Professional Practice in Communities, Agencies and Organizations1
EDUC 7531Risk, Resilience, and Prevention Science1
EDUC 7539Poverty and Child Development1
EDUC 7564Cognitive Processes1
EDUC 7566Advanced Professional Counseling Interventions1
EDUC 7582Assessment for Counselors I1
EDUC 7585Selected Topics in Professional Psychology1
EDUC 7667Regression and Analysis of Variance1
EDUC 7668Measurement Theory and Test Construction1
EDUC 7671Factor Analysis and Scale Development1
EDUC 7677Structural Equations Modeling1
EDUC 8560ISHD Proseminar1
EDUC 8629Policy Research1
EDUC 8671Randomized Trials and Experiments1
EDUC 8680Complex, Multilevel, and Longitudinal Research Models1
EDUC 8681Classifications, Profiles, and Latent Growth Mixture Models1
EDUC 9560Advanced Research in Human Learning and Development1
EDUC 9580Mixed Methods Research: Counseling & Development1
GSWS 3440Psychology of Personal Growth1
GSWS 5810Advanced Psychology of Women1
GSWS 6120LGBT Counseling & Development1