GSE MSED IEDP Thematic Course (GMIT)

ANTH 5470Anthropology and Education1
EDUC 5404Systems Thinking for International Development and Educational Change1
EDUC 5406International Early Childhood Policies and Programs1
EDUC 5412Policy Planning in International Educational Development: Theory and Practice1
EDUC 5414Economics of Education in Developing Countries1
EDUC 5418Global Governance and Cooperation: International Education Policy and Practice1
EDUC 5430Migration, Displacement, and Education1
EDUC 5495Anthropology and Education1
EDUC 6402Curriculum & Pedagogy in International Contexts1
EDUC 6410Global Perspectives on School Climate1
EDUC 6577Information and Communications Technologies for Education and Development in Global Perspective1
LALS 5430Migration, Displacement, and Education1
URBS 5470Anthropology and Education1