GSE Division- Higher Education (GVHE)

EDUC 5804Contemporary Issues in Higher Education1
EDUC 5805Globalization & the University1
EDUC 5812University-Community Partnerships1
EDUC 5820Special Topics in Higher Education1
EDUC 5832Pursuing Institutions of Excellence: Strategies, Choices, Pitfalls & Possibilities1
EDUC 5841Access & Choice in American Higher Education1
EDUC 5843Understanding Minority Serving Institutions1
EDUC 5856Higher Education Finance1
EDUC 5869Administration of Student Life1
EDUC 5873Higher Education Policy : What Can We Learn from Other Countries?1
EDUC 5892Professional Development in Higher Education1
EDUC 5894Diversity in Higher Education1
EDUC 5988Seeking Global Citizenship at Home and Abroad1
EDUC 6804Ethics and Leadership in Higher Education1
EDUC 6807Faculty and Academic Governance1
EDUC 6808Organizational Change in Higher Education1
EDUC 6811Higher Education Data Systems1
EDUC 6819College Student Health1
EDUC 6820Enrollment Management1
EDUC 6824Gender in College1
EDUC 6831Research Topics1
EDUC 6840History of American Higher Education1
EDUC 6845Geography of Opportunity1
EDUC 6856College and University Teaching1
EDUC 6893Student Development in College Environments1
EDUC 6894College Athletics and Higher Education: Money, Power, Politics1
EDUC 7804Economics of Higher Education1
EDUC 7805Proseminar in Research & Analysis1
EDUC 7814Law and Higher Education1
EDUC 7815Case Studies in Higher Education Administration1
EDUC 7816Public Policy Issues in Higher Education1
EDUC 7828Advanced Public Policy Seminar in Higher Education1
EDUC 7836Quasi-Experimental Design1
EDUC 7844Building Inclusive Communities in Higher Education1
EDUC 7847Social and Statistical Network Analysis1
EDUC 7848Spatial Socio-Econometric Modeling1
EDUC 7849Modeling Leadership Resilience through Chaos, Crisis, Calamity, Calumny, and Catastrophe1
EDUC 7870New Models for Postsecondary Education1
PHIL 5561Equality, Justice, and Inclusion in Higher Education1