GSE Division- Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (GVTL)

EDUC 5113Development of the Young Child0.5-1
EDUC 5126Technology for Educators1
EDUC 5134Diversity and Social Justice in American K-12 Education1
EDUC 5144Dashboards for Discovery and Learning Applications1
EDUC 5150Educational and Social Entrepreneurship1
EDUC 5151Outside the School Box: History, Policy and Alternatives1
EDUC 5152Video Games and Virtual Worlds as Sites for Learning1
EDUC 5171Collaboration & Conflict1
EDUC 5180Gender & Education1
EDUC 5183Adaptive Learning Systems1
EDUC 5404Systems Thinking for International Development and Educational Change1
EDUC 5910Applied Network Analysis in Learning1
EDUC 5911Artificial Intelligence for Children and Youth: Learning, Creating, and Understanding1
EDUC 5912Math Tutoring in Urban Elementary Schools1
EDUC 5914Creating Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Classrooms1
EDUC 5916Quantitative Ethnography and Epistemic Network Analysis1
EDUC 6101Curriculum Development and Enactment1
EDUC 6108MaKer Studio1
EDUC 6116Master's Foundations of Teaching and Learning1
EDUC 6118Leadership in Educational Institutions1
EDUC 6123Big Data, Education, and Society1
EDUC 6130Introduction to Mixed-Methods Research1
EDUC 6137Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology Education Research1
EDUC 6139Design of Learning Environments1
EDUC 6160Museum Education1
EDUC 6165Research on Teaching1
EDUC 6178Gender and Sexuality in Education1
EDUC 6185Databases and Data Management1
EDUC 6186In/formal Learning Experience1
EDUC 6189Contemporary Issues in Mathematics Curriculum1
EDUC 6190Feature Engineering1
EDUC 6191Core Methods in Educational Data Mining1
EDUC 6195Capstone Seminar: Learning Analytics1
EDUC 6910Classroom Discourse1
EDUC 7102Conceptual Models of School Leadership & Organization1
EDUC 7119Research on Teacher Education and Learning to Teach1
EDUC 7122Reforming Philadelphia Schools: A Research Practicum on Community Engagement1
EDUC 9126How People Learn: Theoretical Foundations1
GSWS 6780Gender and Sexuality in Education1