BIOL PhD Biology Elective (HPBI)

BIOL 5010Advanced Cell Biology1
BIOL 5016Molecular Mechanisms of Infectious Disease Biology1
BIOL 5024Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton1
BIOL 5026Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle1
BIOL 5116Neural Circuits for Survival1
BIOL 5119Biological Basis of Animal Diversity1
BIOL 5231Genome Science and Genomic Medicine1
BIOL 5233Genes in Conflict: How sex and selfish genetic elements drive genome evolution1
BIOL 5234Epigenetics1
BIOL 5250Molecular Genetics of Development1
BIOL 5314Molecular Evolution of Physiological Functions1
BIOL 5318Systems Biology: Integrative physiology and biomechanics of the muscular system1
BIOL 5511Biological Data Analysis1
BIOL 5517Theoretical Population Biology1
BIOL 5535Introduction to Computational Biology & Biological Modeling1
BIOL 5566Machine Learning Methods in Natural Science Modeling1
BIOL 5615Freshwater Ecology1
BIOL 5669Plant Physiology Through Space and Time1
BIOL 5860Mathematical Modeling in Biology1
MATH 5861Mathematical Modeling in Biology1
PHYS 5566Machine Learning Methods in Natural Science Modeling1