Law JD Experiential Learning (LJEL)

LAW 5230M&A Bootcamp1-4
LAW 5240Securities Bootcamp1-4
LAW 5270Advanced Fundamentals for Corporate Lawyers1-4
LAW 5360Legal Interviewing and Client Counseling1-3
LAW 5370International Arbitration in Practice1-4
LAW 5430Writing for Practice1-4
LAW 5440Private Equity Bootcamp1-4
LAW 5450In-House Counsel1-4
LAW 5460Crisis Management Bootcamp1-3
LAW 5520Shareholder Activism1-4
LAW 5530Legal Communications Workshop1-4
LAW 5580Leadership in Law1-3
LAW 5600Tech Law1-3
LAW 5610M&A Transactions1-4
LAW 5630Innovation in Practice1-3
LAW 5640Startups and Venture Capital Bootcamp1-4
LAW 5650Army War College2
LAW 5680Negotiations Bootcamp1-4
LAW 5780Discovery Methods1-4
LAW 5790Day in Life of a Civil Case1-4
LAW 5800Mediation Theory & Skills1-4
LAW 5820Advanced Legal Research I1-3
LAW 5840Community Lawyering to End Mass Incarceration1-4
LAW 5850Law Reform Litigation1-3
LAW 5870Entertainment Law Transactions1-3
LAW 5910Advanced Legal Research II1-4
LAW 5920Transactional Practice: Joint Ventures1-3
LAW 5930Venture Capital Bootcamp1-4
LAW 5940Investigating and Prosecuting National Security Matters1-4
LAW 5950Advanced Writing: Federal Litigation1-4
LAW 5970Government Enforcement Litigation1-3
LAW 5990Policy Lab1-4
LAW 6030SEC Enforcement1-4
LAW 6060Refugee Law1-4
LAW 6120Appellate Advocacy1-4
LAW 6130Climate Change1-3
LAW 6270Law and Technology1-3
LAW 6480Supreme Court: History and Practice3
LAW 6490Child Advocacy Clinic0-7
LAW 6510Corporate Law1-3
LAW 6530Civil Rights1-3
LAW 6550Transnational Legal Clinic0-7
LAW 6570Employment Arbitration Bootcamp1-3
LAW 6580Amicus Advocacy1-3
LAW 6710Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice0-7
LAW 6750Real Estate Finance1-3
LAW 6780International Business Negotiations1-3
LAW 6830Gift and Estate Tax1-3
LAW 6920Transactional Drafting1-4
LAW 6950Land Use Law in Practice1-4
LAW 6970Negotiations and Drafting1-4
LAW 7020Trial Advocacy1-4
LAW 7170Transactional Drafting1-4
LAW 7200Deals: The Economic Structure of Transactions and Contracting1-4
LAW 7330Patent Litigation1-4
LAW 7560Advanced Tort1-4
LAW 7720Health Law in Practice1-4
LAW 8310Externship: Philadelphia District Attorney's Office1-7
LAW 9110Law Seminar1-4
LAW 9140Law Seminar1-4
LAW 9150Law Seminar1-3
LAW 9260Law Seminar1-3
LAW 9310Regulatory Law and Policy1-4
LAW 9350Law Seminar1-4
LAW 9470Law Seminar1-4
LAW 9500Law Seminar1-4
LAW 9520Law Seminar1-3
LAW 9620Law Seminar0-4
LAW 9770Law Seminar1-3
LAW 9840Law Seminar1-3
LAW 9880JD/MBA Capstone Seminar1-4
LAW 9910Law Seminar1-4
LAW 9970Law Seminar1-4