MSCE Elective (MMCE)

BMIN 5030Data Science for Biomedical Informatics1
EPID 5340Qualitative Methods in the Study of Health, Disease and Medical Systems1
EPID 5500Clinical Economics and Decision Making1
EPID 5750Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology1
EPID 5800Outcomes Research1
EPID 5820Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis1
EPID 5840Health Disparities Research1
EPID 6000Data Science for Biomedical Informatics1
EPID 6210Longitudinal and Clustered Data in Epidemiologic Research1
EPID 6220Applied Regression Models for Categorical Data0.5
EPID 6230Survival Data Analysis0.5
EPID 6240Methods in Patient-Centered Outcomes and Effectiveness Research1
EPID 6250Advanced Biostatistical Methods for Multivariable Prediction Models0.5
EPID 6300Clinical Trials1
EPID 6320Introduction to Biomedical and Health Informatics1
EPID 6340Clinical Trial Outcomes: Measurement, Analysis and Interpretation1
EPID 6360Epidemiological Methods in Acute Care Research1
EPID 6380Topics in Clinical Trial Design and Analysis1
EPID 6440Cardiopulmonary Epidemiology1
EPID 6450Research Methods in Cancer Epidemiology1
EPID 6460Reproductive Epidemiology1
EPID 6520Renal and Urologic Epidemiology1
EPID 6560Research Methods in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology1
EPID 6580Gastroenterology Epidemiology1
EPID 6640Methods in Neurologic Clinical Epidemiology0.5
EPID 6660Methods for Real-World Evidence on Therapeutics1
EPID 6720Biostatistical Methods for Addressing Confounding1
EPID 6740Measuring the Microbiome: Methods and Tools1
EPID 6750Advanced Methods for Analysis of Complex Genetic Traits1
EPID 7140Grant Writing/Review0.5
HPR 5500Clinical Economics and Decision Making1
HPR 5800Outcomes Research1
HPR 7140Grant Writing/Review0.5
PUBH 5170Geography & Public Health1
PUBH 6100Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases1