MHP Health Policy Elective (MMPH)

EPID 5500Clinical Economics and Decision Making1
EPID 5800Outcomes Research1
EPID 7140Grant Writing/Review0.5
HPR 5030Qualitative Methods in Health Research1
HPR 5500Clinical Economics and Decision Making1
HPR 5800Outcomes Research1
HPR 6110Implementation Science Institute0.5-1
HPR 6200Implementation Science in Health and Health Care1
HPR 6210Advanced Topics in Implementation Science in Health0.5
HPR 6260Pragmatic Clinical Research Institute0.5
HPR 6600Applied Predictive Modeling for Health Services Research1
HPR 6610Clinical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Institute0.5
HPR 6700Health Care Strategic Leadership and Business Acumen1
HPR 7140Grant Writing/Review0.5
PUBH 6370Advocacy & Public Health: Turning Knowledge into Action1