NU PhD Concentration Class (NDCC)

BIOE 5500Bioethics and Society1
DEMG 6120Categorical Data Analysis1
EDUC 6680Evaluation of Policies, Programs and Projects1
EDUC 6684Measurement & Assessment1
EPID 5800Outcomes Research1
EPID 6210Longitudinal and Clustered Data in Epidemiologic Research1
EPID 6300Clinical Trials1
EPID 6340Clinical Trial Outcomes: Measurement, Analysis and Interpretation1
HCMG 8410Introduction to Health Management and Economics0.5-1
HCMG 8520Health Services Delivery: A Managerial Economic Approach0.5-1
HCMG 8590Comparative Health Care Systems0.5-1
HCMG 9000Proseminar in Health Economics: Models and Methods1
HCMG 9010Proseminar in Health Economics: Health Econometrics1
HIST 6100Topics in US History1
HIST 6110Topics in Early American History1
HIST 6120Topics in 19th-Century US History1
HIST 6130Topics in 20th- and 21st-Century US History1
HPR 5800Outcomes Research1
NURS 5000Introduction to Principles and Methods of Epidemiology1
NURS 5400Current Issues In Health and Social Policy1
NURS 5570Principles of Palliative Care1
NURS 7490History, Health and Social Policy1
NURS 8140Doctoral Seminar: Ethics and Nursing1
NURS 8180Families and Research1
NURS 8190Seminar on the Social History of Nursing1
NURS 8240Health Equity: Conceptual, Linguistic, Methodological, and Ethical Issues1
NURS 8250Seminar on Integrative Science in Aging1
NURS 8260Advanced Qualitative Research Methods1
NURS 8280Response to Chronic Illness: Theory and Research1
NURS 9000Directed Study0.5-2
PUBH 5020Introduction to the Principles and Methods of Epidemiology1
PUBH 5170Geography & Public Health1
PUBH 5190Foundations of Global Health1
SOCI 6120Categorical Data Analysis1
SOCI 6130Event History1
STAT 9210Observational Studies1