NU Global Health Minor Language (NUGL)

AFRC 0496Malagasy (Elementary II/Intermediate II): Language in a Cultural Context1
AFRC 2851Advanced Swahili II1
AFRC 5490Black France: History/Representation1
ARAB 0700The Adab Tradition1
ARAB 4020Advanced Spoken Standard Arabic1
ARAB 4040Readings in the Qur'an and Tafsir1
ARAB 4050Arabic Readings in Belles-Lettres1
ARAB 4060Arabic Readings in the Social Sciences and the Media1
ARAB 4070Readings in Arabic Literature1
ARAB 4080Introduction to Pre-Modern Arabic Texts1
ARAB 4090History & Fiction in Arabic1
ARTH 2370Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
ARTH 2871Witnessing, Remembering, and Writing the Holocaust1
ARTH 3560Freud's Objects1
BENG 0100Beginning Bengali Part I1
BENG 0200Beginning Bengali Part II1
BENG 0300Intermediate Bengali Part I1
BENG 0400Intermediate Bengali Part II1
BENG 1500Advanced Bengali1
CHIC 0100Elementary Chichewa I1
CHIC 0200Elementary Chichewa II1
CHIC 0300Intermediate Chichewa I1
CHIC 0400Intermediate Chichewa II1
CHIN 0500HIgh Intermediate Chinese I1
CHIN 0520Reading and Writing Chinese III (for Fluent Speakers)1
CHIN 0600High Intermediate Chinese II1
CHIN 0620Reading and Writing Chinese IV (for Fluent Speakers)1
CHIN 0700Advanced Chinese I1
CHIN 0701Advanced Chinese I1
CHIN 0705Advanced Spoken Chinese I1
CHIN 0800Advanced Chinese II1
CHIN 0805Advanced Spoken Chinese II1
CHIN 0840Chinese Short Stories1
CHIN 0860Business Chinese I1
CHIN 0865Business Chinese II1
CHIN 0870Media Chinese I1
CHIN 0878Advanced Medical Chinese1
CHIN 1040Readings in Modern Chinese: Literature I1
CHIN 1045Readings Modern Chinese: Literature II1
CHIN 1048Readings in Modern Chinese: Documents1
CHIN 1060Advanced Business Chinese I1
CHIN 1065Advanced Business Chinese II1
CHIN 1140Advanced Readings in Chinese Culture1
CHIN 1147Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese Literature1
CHIN 1148Chinese for Specific Purposes: Legal Chinese1
CHIN 5865Business Chinese II1
CHIN 5870Media Chinese1
CHIN 6040Readings in Modern Chinese: Literature I1
CHIN 6045Readings Modern Chinese: Literature II1
CHIN 6048Readings in Modern Chinese: Documents1
CIMS 1050Metropolis: Culture of the City1
CIMS 1070Fascist Cinemas1
CIMS 1080German Cinema1
CIMS 1230Masterpieces of French Cinema1
CIMS 1301Topics German Cinema1
CIMS 1900Italian History on Screen: How Movies Tell the Story of Italy1
CIMS 1901Topics in Portuguese, African and Brazilian Cultures1
CIMS 1910Sicily on Page and Screen1
CIMS 3010French Identity in the Twentieth Century1
CIMS 3600Studies in Spanish, Latin American and Latinx Cinema1
CIMS 3820Horror Cinema1
CIMS 3830French & Italian Modern Horror1
CIMS 3860Paris in Film1
CLST 3509Freud's Objects1
COML 1010Freud: The Invention of Psychoanalysis1
COML 1020Marx, Marxism, and the Culture of Revolution1
COML 1030Nietzsche's Modernity and the Death of God1
COML 1040Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
COML 1060The Fantastic and Uncanny in Literature: Ghosts, Spirits & Machines1
COML 1071Fascist Cinemas1
COML 1080German Cinema1
COML 1090Jewish Films and Literature1
COML 1110Jewish American Literature1
COML 1120Translating Cultures: Literature on and in Translation1
COML 1160Sustainability & Utopianism1
COML 1170Global Sustainabilities1
COML 1210Witnessing, Remembering, and Writing the Holocaust1
COML 1231Perspectives in French Literature: Love and Passion1
COML 1232Perspectives in French Literature: The Individual and Society1
COML 1300Topics German Cinema1
COML 2052Freud's Objects1
COML 2500The Novel and Marriage1
COML 3110French Thought After 19681
COML 3330Dante's Divine Comedy1
COML 3830French & Italian Modern Horror1
DTCH 0400Intermediate Dutch II1
DTCH 2300Topics in Dutch Studies1
ENGL 0509Dante's Divine Comedy1
ENGL 0575The Novel and Marriage1
ENGL 1289Jewish Films and Literature1
ENGL 1425Freud's Objects1
ENGL 1579Sustainability & Utopianism1
ENVS 1050Sustainability & Utopianism1
ENVS 1450Global Sustainabilities1
ENVS 3053Sustainable Development And Culture in Latin America1
FREN 0340Accelerated Intermediate French2
FREN 0400Intermediate French II1
FREN 1000Advanced French1
FREN 1212Advanced French Grammar and Composition1
FREN 1214Advanced French Conversation and Composition1
FREN 1226French History and Culture to 17741
FREN 1227French History and Culture 1789-19451
FREN 1228Contemporary France1
FREN 1230Masterpieces of French Cinema1
FREN 1231Perspectives in French Literature: Love and Passion1
FREN 1232Perspectives in French Literature: The Individual and Society1
FREN 1233Francophone Literature and Film1
FREN 2130French for Business I1
FREN 2170French Phonetics1
FREN 2180From West Africa to West Philadelphia: Creating Community in the Francophone Diaspora1
FREN 2250Paris during the German Occupation and its Places of [Non-]Memory1
FREN 2251Paris during the German Occupation and its Places of [Non-]Memory1
FREN 2280Contemporary France1
FREN 2500The Novel and Marriage1
FREN 3010French Identity in the Twentieth Century1
FREN 3080Topics in French Culture1
FREN 3100Literary History1
FREN 3110French Thought After 19681
FREN 3130French for Business II1
FREN 3220France and the European Union1
FREN 3250Advanced French: Translation1
FREN 3290Le français dans le monde/French in the World1
FREN 3300Medieval Literature1
FREN 3600The Enlightenment1
FREN 3700French Literature of the 19th Century1
FREN 3710Poe's French Legacies1
FREN 3800Literature of the Twentieth Century1
FREN 3820Horror Cinema1
FREN 3830French & Italian Modern Horror1
FREN 3840The French Novel of the Twentieth Century1
FREN 3850Modern French Theater1
FREN 3860Paris in Film1
FREN 3890France and Its Others1
FREN 3900Francophone Postcolonial Cultures1
FREN 3910Global France1
FREN 3920Queering North African Subjectivities1
FREN 3999Independent Study1
FREN 4000Honors Thesis1
FREN 5490Black France: History/Representation1
GREK 0300Intermediate Classical Greek: Prose1
GREK 0310Intensive Intermediate Greek2
GREK 0400Intermediate Classical Greek: Poetry1
GREK 3001Hymnic Poetry1
GREK 3003Greek Dialogue1
GREK 3202The Myth of Prometheus1
GREK 3203Alcibiades and the Athenian Imagination1
GREK 3204Alcibiades and the Athenian Imagination1
GREK 3402Thucydides1
GRMN 1010Freud: The Invention of Psychoanalysis1
GRMN 1015Freud's Objects1
GRMN 1020Marx, Marxism, and the Culture of Revolution1
GRMN 1030Nietzsche's Modernity and the Death of God1
GRMN 1040Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
GRMN 1050Metropolis: Culture of the City1
GRMN 1060The Fantastic and Uncanny in Literature: Ghosts, Spirits & Machines1
GRMN 1070Fascist Cinemas1
GRMN 1080German Cinema1
GRMN 1090Jewish Films and Literature1
GRMN 1100Women in Jewish Literature1
GRMN 1110Jewish American Literature1
GRMN 1120Translating Cultures: Literature on and in Translation1
GRMN 1160Sustainability & Utopianism1
GRMN 1170Global Sustainabilities1
GRMN 1210Witnessing, Remembering, and Writing the Holocaust1
GRMN 1300Topics German Cinema1
GRMN 1500Texts and Contexts1
GRMN 1510Handschrift-Hypertext: Deutsche Medien1
GRMN 1520Business German: A Macro Perspective1
GRMN 1530Business German: A Micro Perspective1
GRMN 2100Texts and Contexts1
GRMN 2190Business German: A Macro Perspective1
GRMN 2290Business German: A Micro Perspective1
GRMN 2300Topics in Dutch Studies1
GRMN 3110Handschrift-Hypertext: Deutsche Medien1
GRMN 3120Places of Memory. Lieux de memoire. Erinnerungsorte.1
GRMN 3210Krautrock und die Folgen1
GRMN 3212Seeing Green: Environmentalism in Germany and Austria1
GRMN 3220Writing in Dark Times: German Literature1
GRMN 3221German Ideas and Nazi Ideology1
GRMN 3240Crime and Detection1
GRMN 3250Theater and Language: Staging the 20th Century1
GRMN 3260Topics in German Literature1
GRMN 3270German Literature after 19451
GRMN 3273Critical Theory of Christa Wolf: What remains?1
GRMN 3280Decadence1
GRMN 3290Topics in German Culture1
GRMN 4100Trans(l)its1
GRMN 4201Independent Study-Senior1
GSWS 1010Freud: The Invention of Psychoanalysis1
GSWS 1060The Fantastic and Uncanny in Literature: Ghosts, Spirits & Machines1
GSWS 1100Women in Jewish Literature1
GSWS 3010French Identity in the Twentieth Century1
HEBR 4000Rabbinic Writers on Rabbinic Culture1
HIND 0100Beginning Hindi-Urdu Part I1
HIND 0200Beginning Hindi-Urdu Part II1
HIND 0300Intermediate Hindi Part I1
HIND 0400Intermediate Hindi Part II1
HIND 1500Advanced Hindi1
HIST 0722The Novel and Marriage1
HIST 0723The Enlightenment1
HIST 0820Freud: The Invention of Psychoanalysis1
HIST 0821Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
IGBO 0100Elementary Igbo I1
IGBO 0200Elementary Igbo II1
IGBO 0300Intermediate Igbo I1
IGBO 0400Intermediate Igbo II1
IGBO 1100Advanced Igbo I1
IGBO 1200Advanced Igbo II1
IGBO 1300Igbo Language and Culture1
INDO 0300Intermediate Indonesian I1
INDO 0400Intermediate Indonesian II1
INDO 0500Advanced Indonesian Conversation I1
INDO 0600Advanced Indonesian Conversation II1
ITAL 0400Intermediate Italian II1
ITAL 1000Advanced Italian I1
ITAL 1200Advanced Italian II1
ITAL 1211Business Italian1
ITAL 1890Best Sellers in Italian Literature1
ITAL 1900Italian History on Screen: How Movies Tell the Story of Italy1
ITAL 1910Sicily on Page and Screen1
ITAL 1930Fascist Cinemas1
ITAL 3220Italian Translation1
ITAL 3330Dante's Divine Comedy1
ITAL 3830French & Italian Modern Horror1
ITAL 3999Independent Study1
ITAL 4000Honors Thesis1
ITAL 4999Independent Study1
JPAN 0500High Intermediate Japanese I1
JPAN 0600High Intermediate Japanese II1
JPAN 0700Advanced Japanese I1
JPAN 0760Japanese for the Professions I1
JPAN 0800Advanced Japanese II1
JPAN 0860Japanese for the Professions II1
JPAN 1040Advanced Japanese III1
JPAN 1045Advanced Japanese IV1
JPAN 1080Advanced Japanese for Proficiency I1
JPAN 1085Advanced Japanese for Proficiency II1
JPAN 6040Advanced Japanese III1
JPAN 6045Advanced Japanese IV1
JPAN 6080Advanced Japanese for Proficiency I1
JPAN 6085Advanced Japanese for Proficiency II1
JWST 1090Jewish Films and Literature1
JWST 1100Women in Jewish Literature1
JWST 1110Jewish American Literature1
JWST 1120Translating Cultures: Literature on and in Translation1
JWST 1210Witnessing, Remembering, and Writing the Holocaust1
JWST 4000Rabbinic Writers on Rabbinic Culture1
KAND 0100Beginning Kannada I1
KAND 0200Beginning Kannada II1
KAND 0300Intermediate Kannada I1
KAND 0400Intermediate Kannada II1
KAND 1500Advanced Kannada: Selected Topics1
KORN 0500High Intermediate Korean I1
KORN 0560Business Communication in Korean1
KORN 0600High Intermediate Korean II1
KORN 0678Medical Communication in Korean1
KORN 0700Advanced Korean I1
KORN 0800Advanced Korean II1
KORN 0860Business Korean I1
KORN 0865Business Korean II1
KORN 0870Current Korean Media I1
KORN 0875Current Korean Media II1
KORN 1040Advanced Readings in Modern Korean I1
KORN 1045Advanced Readings in Modern Korean II1
KORN 1060Advanced Business Korean I1
KORN 1065Advanced Business Korean II1
KORN 1070Advanced Topics in Korean Language and Culture I1
KORN 1075Advanced Topics in Korean Language and Culture II1
KORN 1140Advanced Academic Korean I1
KORN 6040Advanced Readings in Modern Korean I1
KORN 6045Advanced Readings in Modern Korean II1
KORN 6060Advanced Business Korean I1
KORN 6065Advanced Business Korean II1
KORN 6070Advanced Topics in Korean Language and Culture I1
KORN 6075Advanced Topics in Korean Language and Culture II1
KORN 6140Advanced Academic Korean I1
KORN 6145Advanced Academic Korean II1
LALS 1320Portuguese for the Professions1
LALS 1340Portuguese for the Professions II1
LALS 1800Perspectives in Brazilian Culture1
LALS 1900Topics in Portuguese, African and Brazilian Cultures1
LALS 3701Studies in Colonial Latin American Literature and Culture1
LALS 3730Studies in Modern and Contemporary Latin American and Latinx Literature1
LALS 3800Studies in Modern and Contemporary Latin American and Latinx Culture1
LALS 3910Sustainable Development And Culture in Latin America1
LATN 0300Intermediate Latin: Prose1
LATN 0310Intensive Intermediate Latin2
LATN 0400Intermediate Latin: Poetry1
LATN 3202Latin Love Letters1
LATN 3203Triangulating Augustanism: Livy, Horace, and Ovid1
LATN 3204Plague and Pestilence in Latin Literature1
LATN 3401Seneca, On the Brevity of Life and other essays1
LATN 3801Advanced Latin Language and Composition1
LATN 3982Study Abroad1
LATN 3999Independent Study in Advanced Latin Literature1
MALG 0100Elementary Malagasy1
MALG 0200Elementary Malagasy II1
MALG 0300Intermediate Malagasy I1
MALG 0400Intermediate Malagasy II1
MALG 0496Malagasy (Elementary II/Intermediate II): Language in a Cultural Context1
MALG 1100Advanced Malagasy I1
MALG 1200Advanced Malagasy II1
MELC 0375Women in Jewish Literature1
MLYM 0100Beginning Malayalam Part I1
MLYM 0200Beginning Malayalam Part II1
MLYM 0300Intermediate Malayalam Part I1
MLYM 0400Intermediate Malayalam Part II1
MRTI 0100Beginning Marathi I1
MRTI 0200Beginning Marathi II1
MRTI 0300Intermediate Marathi I1
MRTI 0400Intermediate Marathi Part II1
MRTI 1500Advanced Marathi1
PERS 4000Persian Culture, Literature and Film for Advanced Learners I1
PHIL 1439Marx, Marxism, and the Culture of Revolution1
PRTG 1000Advanced Portuguese1
PRTG 1320Portuguese for the Professions1
PRTG 1340Portuguese for the Professions II1
PRTG 1800Perspectives in Brazilian Culture1
PRTG 1900Topics in Portuguese, African and Brazilian Cultures1
PUNJ 0100Beginning Punjabi Part I1
PUNJ 0200Beginning Punjabi Part II1
PUNJ 0300Intermediate Punjabi Part I1
PUNJ 0400Intermediate Punjabi Part II1
PUNJ 1500Advanced Punjabi1
REES 1172Marx, Marxism, and the Culture of Revolution1
RELS 4300Rabbinic Writers on Rabbinic Culture1
RUSS 0201Russian for Heritage Speakers I1
RUSS 0401Russian for Heritage Speakers II1
RUSS 1100Russian Society Today1
RUSS 1200Russia Society Today II1
RUSS 5401Russian for Heritage Speakers II1
SKRT 0100Sanskrit 1st Year, Part I1
SKRT 0200Sanskrit 1st Year Part II1
SKRT 0300Sanskrit 2nd Year Part I1
SKRT 0400Intermediate Sanskrit Part II1
SKRT 1000Readings in Sanskrit Literature1
SPAN 1000Advanced Spanish1
SPAN 1005Advanced Spanish for the Medical Professions1
SPAN 1010Business Spanish I1
SPAN 1110Business Spanish II1
SPAN 1200Advanced Spanish II: Grammar and Composition1
SPAN 1210Spanish for the Professions1
SPAN 1300Foundations of Spanish Culture and Civilization1
SPAN 1800Contexts of Hispanic Culture and Civilization1
SPAN 1900Ways of Reading1
SPAN 3110Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics1
SPAN 3120History of the Spanish Language1
SPAN 3130Spanish-English Translation1
SPAN 3200Studies in the Spanish Middle Ages1
SPAN 3300Studies in Golden Age and Early Modern Spanish Literature and Culture1
SPAN 3350Don Quijote1
SPAN 3400Studies in Spanish Literature and Culture: 1700-Present1
SPAN 3430Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature1
SPAN 3500Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spanish Culture1
SPAN 3600Studies in Spanish, Latin American and Latinx Cinema1
SPAN 3680Studies in Hispanic Theater1
SPAN 3700Studies in Colonial Latin American Literature and Culture1
SPAN 3730Studies in Modern and Contemporary Latin American and Latinx Literature1
SPAN 3800Studies in Modern and Contemporary Latin American and Latinx Culture1
SPAN 3900New Hispanisms and Latin Americanisms1
SPAN 3910Sustainable Development And Culture in Latin America1
SPAN 3999Independent Study1
SPAN 4000Honors Thesis1
STSC 1160Sustainability & Utopianism1
SWAH 0300Intermediate Swahili I1
SWAH 0400Intermediate Swahili II1
SWAH 1100Advanced Swahili I1
SWAH 1200Advanced Swahili II1
SWAH 1300Swahili Lang/Culture I1
SWAH 1400Swahili Lang/Culture II1
TAML 0100Beginning Tamil Part I1
TAML 0200Beginning Tamil Part II1
TAML 0300Intermediate Tamil Part I1
TAML 0400Intermediate Tamil Part II1
TAML 1500Advanced Tamil1
TELU 0100Beginning Telugu Part I1
TELU 0200Beginning Telugu Part II1
TELU 0300Intermediate Telugu Part I1
TELU 0400Intermediate Telugu Part II1
THAI 0300Intermediate Thai I1
THAI 0400Intermediate Thai II1
TIBT 0500Advanced Tibetan I1
TIBT 0600Advanced Tibetan II1
TIGR 0100Elementary Tigrinya I1
TIGR 0200Elementary Tigrinya II1
TIGR 0300Intermediate Tigrinya I1
TIGR 0400Intermediate Tigrinya II1
TIGR 1100Advanced Tigrinya I1
TIGR 1200Advanced Tigrinya II1
TIGR 1300Tigrinya Language and Culture1
TURK 4500Ottoman Turkish I1
TURK 4600Advanced Readings Ottoman Texts1
URBS 1050Metropolis: Culture of the City1
URBS 1070Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
URDU 0100Beginning Hindi-Urdu Part I1
URDU 0200Beginning Hindi-Urdu Part II1
URDU 0300Intermediate Urdu Part I1
URDU 0400Intermediate Urdu Part II1
URDU 1500Advanced Urdu: Language and Literature1
VIET 0300Intermediate Vietnamese I1
VIET 0500Advanced Vietnamese I1
VIET 0600Advanced Vietnamese II1
VIET 0678Advanced Vietnamese for Healthcare Professionals1
VIET 5300Intermediate Vietnamese I1
VIET 5500Advanced Vietnamese I1
VIET 5600Advanced Vietnamese II1
VIET 5678Advanced Vietnamese for Healthcare Professionals1
WOLF 0100Elementary Wolof I1
WOLF 0200Elementary Wolof II1
WOLF 0300Intermediate Wolof I1
WOLF 0400Intermediate Wolof II1
WOLF 1100Advanced Wolof I1
WOLF 1200Advanced Wolof II1
YDSH 4999Independent Study1
YORB 0300Intermediate Yoruba I1
YORB 0400Intermediate Yoruba II1
YORB 1100Advanced Yoruba I1
YORB 1200Advanced Yoruba II1
YORB 1300Yoruba Language and Culture1
YORB 1400Yoruba Language & Culture II1
ZULU 0300Intermediate Zulu I1
ZULU 0400Intermediate Zulu II1
ZULU 1100Advanced Zulu I1
ZULU 1200Advanced Zulu II1
ZULU 1300Zulu Language and Culture I1
ZULU 1400Zulu Language and Culture II1