SP2 Nonprofit Core (SMNC)

NPLD 5850Social Impact Lab1
NPLD 5870Empowering Nonprofit Leaders to Thrive1
NPLD 5890Ethics and The Pursuit of Social impact1
NPLD 5900Social Finance1
NPLD 7200Data Analysis for Social Impact1
NPLD 7500Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Partnerships and Practices1
NPLD 7620Nonprofit Law1
NPLD 7810Understanding and Managing Volunteers for Impact1
NPLD 7840The Nonprofit Sector: Concepts and Theories1
NPLD 7860Strategic Management and Leadership of Nonprofits1
NPLD 7870Leadership Theory and Practice1
NPLD 7900Social Finance1
NPLD 7910Leadership: Designing the Future1
NPLD 7920Social Entrepreneurship1
NPLD 7940Fundraising and Philanthropy: The Donor Journey1
NPLD 7960Philanthropy and Fundraising Tools for Managers of Nonprofit Organizations1