SP2 Nonprofit Elective (SMNE)

NPLD 5490Leading Nonprofits1
NPLD 5610Nonprofit Branding0.5
NPLD 5630Raising Philanthropic Capital0.5
NPLD 5640Social Impact and International Development0.5
NPLD 5650Financial Management of Nonprofits0.5
NPLD 5660Social Media Strategies0.5
NPLD 5670Unleashing Large Scale Social Movements0.5
NPLD 5690Beyond Nonprofit: Alternative Forms of Social Economy0.5
NPLD 5700Understanding Philanthropy: Power, Politics, and Social Change0.5
NPLD 5710Major Gifts: Strategies in Practice0.5
NPLD 5800Nonprofit Governance0.5
NPLD 5820NGOs and International Development1
NPLD 5830Social Impact Measurement0.5
NPLD 5920Innovations and Advances in Public-Private Collaborations and Contracting1
NPLD 5930Design Thinking for Social Impact1
NPLD 5940Nonprofits and Urban Revitalization: The Philadelphia Story1
NPLD 5950Philanthropy and the City1
NPLD 5970Social, Public, and Law Policy for Nonprofits1
NPLD 5980Building Inclusive, Poverty-Informed Communities1
NPLD 7300Difficult Art of Listening0.5
NPLD 7520Energy, Innovation, and Impact in the Global South1
NPLD 7820Group Dynamics0.5
NPLD 7830Field Exercise in Social Impact Measurement1
NPLD 7850Group Dynamics and Organizational Politics1
NPLD 7880Social Impact Entrepreneurship Meets Mass Incarceration1
NPLD 7890Nonprofit Leadership: Topics0-1
NPLD 7950Philanthropy and the City1