VET Clinical Rotation Elective (VDCR)

VCSN 7005Large Animal Medicine -Foundation - NBC9
VCSN 7015Large Animal Emergency/Critical Care - Foundation Rotation - NBC9
VCSN 7115Food Animal Imaging and Diagnostic Pathology3
VCSN 7125Food Animal Reproduction - NBC3
VCSN 7135Field Service - NBC9
VCSN 7145Food Animal Clinical Imaging and Pathology3
VCSN 7155Diagnostic Ultrasound in Large Animals - NBC8
VCSN 7165Ultrasonography in Large Animals - NBC2
VCSN 7705Large Animal Medicine -Foundation - NBC9
VCSN 7715Food Animal Imaging and Diagnostic Pathology3
VCSN 7725Food Animal Reproduction - NBC3
VCSN 7735Field Service - NBC9
VCSN 7745Large Animal Clinical Reproduction - NBC9
VCSN 7755Diagnostic Ultrasound in Large Animals - NBC8
VCSN 7765Ultrasonography in Large Animals - NBC2
VCSN 7775Large Animal Neonatal Intensive Care Rotation - NBC9
VCSN 7785Equine Welfare Clinical Elective5
VCSN 7805Ration Evaluation and Formulation - NBC9
VCSN 8005Large Animal Surgery-Foundation - NBC9
VCSN 8125Sports Medicine/Imaging - NBC10
VCSN 8145Large Animal Radiology - NBC8
VCSN 8155Large Animal Anesthesiology Service - NBC9
VCSN 8165Food Animal Anesthesiology Service - NBC3
VCSN 8705Large Animal Surgery-Foundation - NBC9
VCSN 8715Equine Surgery Clinic - NBC9
VCSN 8725Sports Medicine/Imaging - NBC10
VCSN 8735Large Animal Emergency/Critical Care - Foundation Rotation - NBC9
VCSN 8745Large Animal Radiology - NBC8
VCSN 8755Large Animal Anesthesiology Service - NBC9
VCSN 8765Food Animal Anesthesiology Service - NBC3
VCSN 8775Food Animal Medicine and Surgery Clinic - NBC6
VCSN 8785Sports Medicine Clinic - NBC9
VCSN 8795Equine Podology - NBC2
VCSN 8805Dairy Production Medicine Clinic - NBC16
VCSN 8815Food Safety and Quality Assurance - NBC8
VCSN 8825Swine Production Medicine - NBC9
VCSN 8835Advanced Swine Production Medicine - NBC9
VCSN 8845Swine Production - NBC9
VCSN 8855Equine Ophthalmology - NBC9
VCSP 7005Small Animal Internal Medicine-Foundation9
VCSP 7105Small Animal Internal Medicine6
VCSP 7125Small Animal Intensive Care Medicine Service9
VCSP 7155Small Animal Cardiology Service8
VCSP 7165Dermatology & Allergy Service8
VCSP 7175Comprehensive Cancer Care Service9
VCSP 7215Primary Care Services8
VCSP 7705Small Animal Internal Medicine9
VCSP 7725Small Animal Intensive Care Medicine Service9
VCSP 7765Dermatology & Allergy Service8
VCSP 7775Comprehensive Cancer Care Service9
VCSP 7815Primary Care Services8
VCSP 8005Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery9
VCSP 8115Small Animal Orthopedics6
VCSP 8135Small Animal Emergency Service9
VCSP 8145Small Animal Radiology Service9
VCSP 8155Small Animal Anesthesiology Service9
VCSP 8175Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery8
VCSP 8705Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery9
VCSP 8715Small Animal Orthopedics9
VCSP 8725Small Animal Ophthalmology9
VCSP 8735Small Animal Emergency Service9
VCSP 8745Small Animal Radiology Service9
VCSP 8755Small Animal Anesthesiology Service9
VCSP 8765Small Animal Behavior Clinic8
VCSP 8775Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery8
VCSP 8785Exotic Companion Animal Medicine/Surgery9
VCSP 8795Working Dog and Canine Sports Medicine9
VCSP 8805Shelter Animal Medicine5
VCSP 8930Small Animal Emergency Service Holiday Rotation3
VPTH 7005Diagnostic Services9
VPTH 7105Small Animal Diagnostic Services9
VPTH 7115Farm Animal Pathology-NBC9
VPTH 7185Poultry Production Medicine-NBC8
VPTH 7705Small Animal Diagnostic Services9
VPTH 7715Farm Animal Pathology-NBC9
VPTH 7805Poultry Production Medicine-NBC8
VPTH 7895Lab Animal/Comparative Medicine8
VPTH 7900Small Animal Pathology Holiday Rotation2