VET Large Animal Electives (VDLA)

VCSN 6400Large Animal Medicine5
VCSN 6420Dairy Cattle Nutrition4
VCSN 6430Large Animal Reproduction5
VCSN 6440Large Animal Reproduction - NBC4
VCSN 6450Introduction to Large Animal Surgery & Anesthesia4
VCSN 6451Advanced Large Animal Surgery & Anesthesia5
VCSN 6480Equine Sports Medicine5
VCSN 6481Advanced Equine Sports Medicine2
VCSN 6490Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging3
VCSN 6491Advanced Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging3
VCSN 6550Large Animal Ophthalmology2
VCSN 6560Equine Emergency and Critical Care4
VCSN 6610Swine Clinical Competencies1