Wharton MBA Multinational Management Major Elec (WMMM)

BEPP 7890Economic Globalization: Policy, History and Contemporary Issues1
FNCE 7310Global Valuation and Risk Analysis1
FNCE 7320International Banking1
HCMG 8590Comparative Health Care Systems0.5-1
HCMG 8680Private Sector Role in Global Health0.5
HCMG 8900Advanced Study Project: Management of Health Care Service Businesses1
LGST 8020Law of Corporate Management and Finance1
LGST 8200International Business Ethics1
LGST 8300Social Impact and Responsibility: Foundations0.5
MGMT 7880Managing and Competing in China1
MGMT 8090Private Equity in Emerging Markets0.5
OIDD 6730Global Supply Chain Mgmt.0.5
REAL 8900International Real Estate Comparisons0.5