Wharton UG Environmental Policy & Mgmt Conc Elec (WUEM)

BEPP 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
BEPP 2630Environmental & Energy Economics and Policy1
BEPP 3050Risk Management1
ENVS 3100Environmental Case Studies1
FNCE 2540ESG and Impact Investing1
FNCE 2560Energy Finance1
LGST 2150Environmental Management: Law & Policy1
MGMT 2090The Political Environment of the Multinational Firm1
MKTG 2660Marketing for Social Impact1
MKTG 7330Marketing for Social Impact0.5
OIDD 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
OIDD 2630Environmental & Energy Economics and Policy1
OIDD 2900Decision Processes1
OIDD 5250Thinking with Models: Business Analytics for Energy and Sustainability1