Wharton UG MAOM (WUMO)

MEAM 4150Product Design1
MKTG 2250Principles of Retailing0.5
MKTG 2270Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce0.5
MKTG 2340Idea Generation & the Systematic Approach for Creativity0.5
MKTG 2470Marketing Strategy for Technology Platforms0.5
MKTG 2540Pricing Policy0.5
MKTG 2700Digital Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce1
MKTG 2710Models for Marketing Strategy1
MKTG 2770Marketing Strategy1
MKTG 2790AI in Our Lives: The Behavioral Science of Autonomous Technology1
MKTG 2880Pricing Strategies1
MKTG 4760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
OIDD 2200Operations Management Analytics1
OIDD 3140Enabling Technologies0.5-1
OIDD 4150Product Design1
STAT 4760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1