Wharton OIDD General Track (WUOG)

BEPP 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
BEPP 2630Environmental & Energy Economics and Policy1
LGST 2220Internet Law, Privacy, and Cybersecurity1
LGST 2910Negotiations1
LGST 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5
MEAM 4150Product Design1
MGMT 2910Negotiations1
MGMT 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5
OIDD 2100Online Business Models and the Information-Based Firm1
OIDD 2200Operations Management Analytics1
OIDD 2210Optimization and Analytics1
OIDD 2220Internet Law, Privacy, and Cybersecurity1
OIDD 2360Scaling Operations in Technology Ventures: Linking Strategy and Execution1
OIDD 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
OIDD 2630Environmental & Energy Economics and Policy1
OIDD 2900Decision Processes1
OIDD 2910Negotiations1
OIDD 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5
OIDD 2990Judgment & Decision Making Research Immersion0.5-1
OIDD 3140Enabling Technologies0.5-1
OIDD 3150Databases for Analytics0.5
OIDD 3190Advanced Decision Systems: Evolutionary Computation1
OIDD 3210Introduction to Management Science1
OIDD 3250Computer Simulation Models1
OIDD 3530Mathematical Modeling and its Application in Finance1
OIDD 3990Supervised Study0.5-1
OIDD 4150Product Design1