Wharton UG Real Estate Concentration Elec (WURE)

BEPP 2080Housing Markets1
BEPP 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
BEPP 2360International Housing Comparisons1
FNCE 2090Real Estate Investment: Analysis and Financing1
FNCE 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
LGST 2040Real Estate Law1
REAL 2040Real Estate Law1
REAL 2050Global Real Estate: Risk, Politics and Culture1
REAL 2080Housing Markets1
REAL 2090Real Estate Investment: Analysis and Financing1
REAL 2150Urban Real Estate Economics1
REAL 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
REAL 2360International Housing Comparisons1
REAL 2400Advanced Real Estate Investment and Analysis1
REAL 3700Real Estate Data Analytics0.5
REAL 3750Real Estate Disruptions1
REAL 3900International Real Estate Comparisons0.5
REAL 3960Real Estate Entrepreneurship0.5
REAL 3990Independent Study0.5-1
REAL 8900International Real Estate Comparisons0.5
REAL 8910Real Estate Entrepreneurship0.5