Wharton UG Social Impact Concentration Elec (WUSE)

BEPP 2140Nonprofit Sector: Economic Challenges and Strategic Responses.1
BEPP 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
FNCE 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
HCMG 2040Comparative Health Care Systems1
HCMG 2130Health Care Strategy and Management: the Business of Health Care1
HCMG 3020Economics and Financing of Health Care Delivery1
LGST 2020Law of Corporate Management and Finance1
LGST 2130Legal Aspect of Entrepreneurship1
LGST 2150Environmental Management: Law & Policy1
LGST 2160Emerging Economies1
LGST 2200International Business Ethics1
LGST 2240Human Rights and Globalization1
MGMT 2120Social Entrepreneurship0.5
MGMT 6250Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation and the Board0.5
REAL 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1