WH Technology, Innovations, Analytics (WUTI)

ACCT 2420Accounting and Business Analysis1
ACCT 2700Forensic Analytics1
BEPP 2070Economics for the Next Hundred Years0.5
BEPP 2800Applied Data Analysis1
BEPP 2840Game Theory for Business and Life1
HCMG 3910Health Care Entrepreneurship1
LGST 2220Internet Law, Privacy, and Cybersecurity1
LGST 2420Big Data, Big Responsibilities: Toward Accountable Artificial Intelligence0.5
MGMT 2140Market Dynamics and Technical Change1
MGMT 2430Work and Technology: Choices and Outcomes0.5
MGMT 2670Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation0.5
MGMT 2930People Analytics1
MKTG 2270Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce0.5
MKTG 2520Marketing Analytics0.5
MKTG 2700Digital Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce1
MKTG 3520Special Topics - Marketing Analytics0.5
MKTG 4760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
OIDD 2220Internet Law, Privacy, and Cybersecurity1
OIDD 2450Analytics and the Digital Economy1
OIDD 2930People Analytics1
OIDD 4770Introduction to Python for Data Science0.5-1
REAL 3700Real Estate Data Analytics0.5
REAL 3750Real Estate Disruptions1
STAT 4050Statistical Computing with R0.5
STAT 4220Predictive Analytics for Business0.5-1
STAT 4760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
STAT 4770Introduction to Python for Data Science0.5-1
WH 1500Evaluating Evidence1
WH 1508Evaluating Evidence1