Data Science (DATS)

DATS 5750 Cloud Technologies Practicum

Cloud computing is the heart of modern digital applications. This course provides practical, hands-on knowledge and understanding of distributed computing principles to design and develop applications that utilize public cloud such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, etc. The course will cover cloud infrastructure services for computing, storage, networking, data analytics, machine learning, and modern application development. Students will learn to architect and implement complex applications utilizing different cloud infrastructure components to engineer robust, scalable solutions across practical industry use cases.

Prerequisites: CIS 5450 and CIS 5500

0.5 Course Units

DATS 5970 Master's Thesis Research

For students working on advanced research leading to the completion of a master's thesis.

Fall or Spring

1-2 Course Units

DATS 5990 Master's Independent Study

For Data Science Master's students. Involves coursework and class presentations. A DATS 5990 project will invariably include formally gradable work comparable to that in a CIS 5000 level course. Students should discuss with the faculty supervisor the scope of the Independent Study, expectations, work involved, etc.

Fall or Spring

1-4 Course Units