Dental - Community Oral Health (DCOH)

DCOH 708 Health Promotion S

Activity: Seminar

0.5 Credit Hours

DCOH 712 Community Oral Health

Activity: Clinic

0.5 Credit Hours

DCOH 785 Practice Management

Practice Management Lectures and seminars provide students with foundation knowledge regarding career planning and policies and procedures related to employment and business management in dental practice.

Activity: Lecture

0.25 Credit Hours

DCOH 808 Health Promotion

Health Promotion Clinical experiences provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and develop competencies related to oral health promotion and diseas prevention activities with individual patients in the clinics at Penn Dental Medicine.

Activity: Clinic

1.0 Credit Hour

DCOH 812 Community Oral Health

Community Oral Health Experiences in alternate oral health care delivery settings provide students with the opportunity to develop and expand their skills in providing comprehensive oral health care in community based settings under the direct supervision of faculty members. Students are scheduled in the mobile dental vehicle, PennSmiles, and are also scheduled at Community Volunteers in medicine, a community based medical and dental treatment facility in West Chester, PA. Students attend small group seminars to discuss their experiences and theoretical underpinnings of community oral health activities.

Activity: Clinic

1.25 Credit Hour