Dental - Orthodontics (DORT)

DORT 753 Orthodontics II

Activity: Lecture

1.75 Credit Hour

DORT 788 P and I Clinic

Through clinical rotation, the student is exposed to patients with malocculsions that arise in a normally developing craniofacial complex. Management of theseproblems aims at providing an unimpeded eruption and alignment of dentition.

Activity: Clinic

0.75 Credit Hours

DORT 803 Adjunctive Orthodontics

Adjunctive orthodontic intervention involves the management of orthodontic problems prior to restorative treatment. Each student is required to complete the treatment of a clinical case which may involve the following: 1. repositioning teeth that have drifted after extraction or bone loss caused by periodontal disease. 2. forced eruption of broken teeth to expose sound root structure of which to place permanent restorations. 3. correction of crossbites which do not involve a skeletal discrepancy. 4. alignmnet of anterior teeth for more esthetic restorations.

Activity: Clinic

0.5 Credit Hours