Scientific Computing (SCMP)

SCMP 559 Multiscale Modeling of Chemical Systems

This course provides theoretical, conceptual, and hands-on modeling experience on three different length and time scales - (1) electronic structure (A, ps); (2) molecular mechanics (100A, ns); and (3) deterministic and stochastic approaches for microscale systems (um, sec). Students will gain hands-on experience, i.e., running codes on real applications together with the following theoretical formalisms: molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, free energy methods, deterministic and stochastic modeling.

Course not offered every year

Also Offered As: BE 559

Prerequisites: Undergraduate courses in numeral analysis and statistical mechanics.

Activity: Lecture

1 Course Unit

SCMP 990 Masters Thesis

For Master's students who have completed the course requirements for the Master's degree and are strictly working to complete the Master's Thesis leading to the completion of a Master's degree. Permission Required.

One-term course offered either term

Activity: Masters Thesis

1 Course Unit