Scientific Computing (SCMP)

SCMP 5590 Multiscale Modeling of Chemical and Biological Systems

This course provides theoretical, conceptual, and hands-on modeling experience on three different length and time scales - (1) electronic structure (A, ps); (2) molecular mechanics (100A, ns); and (3) deterministic and stochastic approaches for microscale systems (um, sec). Students will gain hands-on experience, i.e., running codes on real applications together with the following theoretical formalisms: molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, free energy methods, deterministic and stochastic modeling, multiscale modeling. Prerequisite: Undergraduate courses in numerical analysis and physical chemistry.

Not Offered Every Year

Also Offered As: BE 5590, CBE 5590

1 Course Unit

SCMP 5970 Master's Thesis Research

For students working on advanced research leading to the completion of a master's thesis.

Fall or Spring

1-2 Course Units

SCMP 5990 Master's Independent Study

For Scientific Computing master's students. Involves coursework and class presentations. The project will invariably include formally gradable work comparable to that of a CIS 500 level course. Students should discuss with the faculty supervisor the scope of the independent study, expectations, work involved, etc.

Fall or Spring

1-2 Course Units