Veterinary Independent Study & Research (VISR)

VISR 6480 Computer-Aided Learning

Independent study working on computer assisted learning (CAL) projects for the summer. Students work with Linda Lewis and various faculty members depending on the projects available. CAL students must be self-motivated and self-disciplined and able stay on task with minimal supervision. Students will need their own laptop and internet access or can work on either campus. Students should be comfortable working with computers, using Microsoft office, and browsing the web. Experience editing images, videos, and websites are helpful. Students may need to travel to NBC occasionally through the summer. Students work individually and as part of a team and typically work 40 hours/week for 10 weeks.

5 Credit Hours

VISR 6970 Independent Study and Research: Animal Welfare and Behavior Program

This course enables students to undertake a self-directed study and research on a topic in Animal Welfare and Behavior, under the supervision of a faculty member. Students may also use this course to finalize any dissertation requirements.

1 Credit Hour

VISR 6990 Independent Study and Research

This course enables student to undertake a self-directed study on a topic in Veterinary Medicine, under the supervision of a faculty member. Students are required to submit an Independent Study & Research (ISR) application to the Registrar Manager in the Office for Students. Credit may vary.

1-8 Credit Hours