Veterinary Clinical Studies - Surgery Courses (VSUR)

VSUR 6010 Surgical Principles

This Core lecture/laboratory/computer course emphasizes the basic principles of surgery and the application to surgical diseases of domestic animals. Attendance at laboratories for this course is mandatory. Missed laboratories will result in the grade of Incomplete for the course. Missed laboratories will be made up during the next time the missed laboratory becomes available. Clinical Exercises, Course VSUR 602, in Quarter 1 cannot be taken until all course requirements for Surgical Principles have been completed.

4 Credit Hours

VSUR 6020 Clinical Exercises

1 Credit Hour

VSUR 6030 Clinical Orthopedics

This course presents the basic principles of orthopedic surgery and orthopedic disease. Course material includes small animal orthopedics, large animal orthopedics and orthopedic radiology. Laboratories include two radiograph reading sessions, one splint lab, and a lab pining and wiring plastic bones.

4 Credit Hours

VSUR 6040 Anesthesia

This course reviews basic physiologic and pharmacologic aspects and their relationship to clinical application of general anesthesia. Uptake of anesthetic agents and distribution to various organ systems are discussed as are the changes in acid-base balance produced by the state of anesthesia. Effects of anesthesia on pulmonary gas exchange and cardiovascular function are emphasized. The clinical aspects of pre-anesthetic medications, the choice of anesthesia, equipment and techniques, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the management of specialized cases are discussed. One progressive examination is given, and the final exam is comprehensive.

5 Credit Hours