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Hsiao-Wen Cheng hscheng ASST PROFESSOR A School of Arts and Sciences East Asian Languages and Culture
Fall 2018
Fall 2018
Medicine/Healng in China
This course explores Chinese medicine and healing culture, its diversity, and its change over time. We will discuss topics including the establishment of canonical medicine, Daoist approaches to healing and longevity, diverse views of the body and disease, the emergence of treatments for women, medical construction of sex difference and imagination of female sexuality, the thriving and decline of female healers, the identity of scholar physicians, the transmission of medical knowledge, domestic and cross-regional drug market, healer-patient relations, and new visions of traditional Chinese medicine in modern China.

Foundational Approach

Course not offered every year
Cross Cultural Analysis
Hsiao-wen Cheng
Standing Faculty
Standing Faculty

Methods of Assessment


Cross Cultural Analysis

The course will guide students to read a selection of primary sources (in English translations) and exemplary scholarship on this subject. The weekly lectures will provide sufficient background knowledge as well as analytical perspectives for students to digest the readings.
The course materials include visual and literary representations in Chinese medical history, various forms of religious healing, classical Chinese medical theories, as well as historical and contemporary records of clinical encounters and medical institutions. It will also discuss global medical exchanges from medieval to modern China.
This course does not simply introduce Chinese medical theory but also the larger medical and healing culture that intersects with many aspects of Chinese and East Asian societies.
The readings include several exemplary scholarly analyses of the subject, and we will carefully discuss each piece of reading in class. The lectures will not simply be the introduction of facts but also critical analysis of historical sources and that of contemporary cultural and social phenomena.

Cultural Diversity in the US


Quantitative Data Analysis


Formal Reasoning


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