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Alon Tam alontam VISITING SCHOLAR School of Arts and Sciences Center for Judaic Studies
Spring 2019
Fall 2018
Mid East Jews in Israel
This undergraduate seminar offers an in-depth look at the history of Middle Eastern and North African Jews, focusing in particular on their place in Israeli society and culture. It will begin with a historical background on the Jewish communities in Ottoman Palestine, and in the larger Ottoman Empire, Iran, and Morocco. We will then proceed to consider the engagement of these Jewish communities with Zionism, and with other conflicting forces, such as European colonialism, Arab nationalism, and Cosmopolitanism. We will learn about Jewish immigration from the region to Palestine/Israel in the period between 1880 to 1948, and about their exodus/expulsion post-1948. We will then explore in depth their settlement in Israel: governmental policies towards Jewish immigrants from the Islamic World, especially between the 1950s and the 1970s; their integration in Israeli society; identity politics in Israel (or: the “invention” of “Mizrahim”); Mizrahi political action; Mizrahi music, film, literature, and food culture; and Mizrahi attitudes towards Arabs, both within and outside Israel. Students will leave the class with a firm grasp of the social and cultural history of Middle Eastern Jews in Israel, and the issues facing third-generation Mizrahim in Israel today. Students will also be introduced to basic methods of inquiry in history, sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies. Students will engage with a mix of scholarly research, readings in original documents, film, literature, music, and some material and visual artifacts.
JWST 270 - Middle Eastern Jews in Israel

Foundational Approach

Cross Cultural Analysis

Methods of Assessment

A 15-pages final research paper; a 2-3 pages book review; a 3-5 pages essay
a final quiz
class participation

Cross Cultural Analysis

The course focuses directly on such issues as: gender, the construction of communal identities, ethnicity and race, religious differences within the same culture, political parties and protest, the state and its power, institutional economic and social policies. It does so by examining primary sources, including text, film, and music, from that culture; in addition to established research.
Beyond historical background, specific classes will be entirely devoted to representation in film and music; literature will be used as a primary source; and other classes will focus on religious expressions, Middle Eastern culture in Israel, or Israeli cultural orientation toward the Middle East
The course focuses on multiple aspects of Middle Eastern, Jewish, and Israeli cultures.
The course uses cutting-edge research from a variety of disciplines, including history, sociology, economics, anthropology, and cultural analysis. The fundamental premises of each discipline will be thoroughly discussed in class. Based on these discussions, students will engage in analyses of literary texts, film, music, and food culture.

Cultural Diversity in the US


Quantitative Data Analysis


Formal Reasoning


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