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Alon Tam alontam VISITING SCHOLAR School of Arts and Sciences Center for Judaic Studies
Fall 2019 (Deactivations ONLY)
Spring 2019
Israel in Middle East
This introductory level course will offer an in-depth look at Israeli history and society, and how it relates to the Middle East through varying lenses. We will consider such topics as the rise of Jewish, Palestinian, and Arab nationalisms in the context of changing imperial control over Palestine/Israel (from Ottoman to British), and the emergence of the Middle East in its current borders; Conflict and conflict-resolution in Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East; Israel's Palestinian minority, Jewish immigrants to Israel from the Middle East, food and music culture in Israel, and their connection to the Middle East; or the place of the Middle East in Israeli literature and film. We will use cutting edge research from several disciplines, as well as literature, film, audio, and photographic evidence. Students will leave the class with a firm grasp of Israeli history and society, and will be widely familiar with the different narratives, viewpoints, and complexities concerning Israel and its position in the Middle East. Prior knowledge of Israeli or Middle Eastern history is not required.
JWST 041 - Israel in Middle East

Foundational Approach

Cross Cultural Analysis
Alon Tam
Part Time Lecturer

Methods of Assessment


Cross Cultural Analysis

The course focuses directly on such issues as: religion, gender, modernity, socio-economic patterns, nationalism, social and national conflict, and the construction of social and cultural identities, in Israel, and in other test-case cultures in the Middle East. In addition to established research, it does so by examining cultural products such as literature, film, and music, as well as other primary texts such as manifestos and essays, produced by Israelis, and by other, test-case societies in the Middle East for comparative purposes.
Beyond historical background, specific classes will be entirely devoted to representations in photography, film, music; literature will be used as a primary source; and other classes will focus on religious expressions, Middle Eastern culture in Israel, or Israeli cultural orientation toward the Middle East. This is a highly comparative class that aims to expose cultural and other affinities, connections, influences, similarities and differences between Israel and other societies in the Middle East.
N/A. The course focuses on multiple aspects of Israeli and Middle Eastern cultures and societies.
The course uses cutting-edge research from a variety of disciplines, including history, sociology, economics, anthropology, and cultural analysis. The fundamental premises of each discipline will be thoroughly discussed in class. Based on these discussions, students will engage in analyses of visual material, literary and other texts, film, and music.

Cultural Diversity in the US


Quantitative Data Analysis


Formal Reasoning


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