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Fall 2019 (Deactivations ONLY)
Spring 2019
This course will provide an introduction to German-language literary studies through exemplary readings of short forms: fables, fairy tales, aphorisms, stories, novellas, feuilletons, poems, songs, radio plays, film clips, web projects and others. Paying particular attention to how emergent technology influences genre, we will trace an evolution from Minnesang to rock songs, from early print culture to the internet age and from Handschrift to hypertext. Students will have ample opportunity to improve their spoken and written German through class discussion and a series of internet-based assignments. Readings and discussions in German.

Foundational Approach

Course usually offered in spring term
Cross Cultural Analysis
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Cross Cultural Analysis

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Cultural Diversity in the US


Quantitative Data Analysis

GRMN 203 is a prerequisite.

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