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Richard Dunn dunnr Director of Course Management and Student Records School of Arts and Sciences The College
Spring 2020 (Deactivations ONLY)
Fall 2019
Asian Am Gendersexuality
This course explores the intersection of gender, sexuality, and race in Asian America. Through interdisciplinary and cultural texts, students will consider how Asian American gender and sexualities are constructed in relation to racism while learning theories on and methods to study gender, sex, and race. We will discuss masculinities, femininities, race-conscious feminisms, LGBTQ+ identities, interracial and intraracial relationships, and kinship structures.
GSWS 215 - Asian American Gender and Sexualities
SAST 215 - Asian American Gender and Sexualities
Every Other Term

Foundational Approach

Course usually offered in spring term
Cultural Diversity in the US
Rupa PIllai
Full Time Lecturer
Full Time Lecturer
ASAM requirement
To understand how race, gender and sexuality are socially constructed
To reflect upon the relationship between power and knowledge and how it intersects with identity concepts (i.e. race, gender, class, & sexuality)
To know key terms, concepts, and theories in Asian American Studies and Gender Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
To critically engage, synthesize, and discuss a variety of “texts,” including scholarly writing, film, and a graphic novel

Methods of Assessment

2 synthetic statements (3-5 pages)
1 research paper (10-14 pages)

Cross Cultural Analysis


Cultural Diversity in the US

This course examines the intersection of gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and immigration.
Students will examine how immigration impacts gender, sexuality, and race in Asian American communities. To best accomplish this we will also engage materials regarding gender and sexuality in African American and White American communities to consider how gender and sexuality are negotiated in relation to these communities.
Students will examine how race, gender, and sexuality shape immigration policies in the United States over time. Specifically, students will note how certain forms of the family have been prioritized by the US nation, which has impacted what types of individuals have been granted entry and citizenship in the US. Further, students will consider how race and sexuality intersect to limit the protections an individual receives from the US state.
Embedded in the course content is the larger examination of how power operates through race, gender, and sexuality to limit the opportunities of individuals who do not fit the norms established by society. Students will be able to track how laws, policies, etc construct norms in society and how such norms change over time. Such an examination will illustrate how the State operates on the community and individual level and who has the ability to define the norms.
analysis of social scientific data

Quantitative Data Analysis


Formal Reasoning


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