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Afsar Mohammad mamoha Lecturer, Foreign Language School of Arts and Sciences South Asia Studies
Spring 2020 (Deactivations ONLY)
Spring 2020
Relgn&Resistance S. Asia
In this course, we focus on various medieval and contemporary devotional forms of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam in South Asia. Several definitions try to tie the idea of devotion to classicism and traditionalism with a set of conservative ideas. However, this course introduces the students to a diverse and pluralistic understanding of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam that also has a history of resistance and protest beginning with poets such as Kabir and others from the Bhakti movement, and Sufi devotional contexts in South Asia. We read about the histories of these rebellious poets and their interventions into the traditional practices of devotion. We also discuss about how these medieval trends find their way into contemporary times enriching the discourses of Dalit, Muslim and Feminist movements.
Every Other Year

Foundational Approach

Course not offered every year
Cross Cultural Analysis
Full Time Lecturer
Full Time Lecturer
South Asian studies
This course aims at introducing and analyzing diverse religious practices as observed in South Asia with a focus on various protest and resistance movements from the medieval to modern times.

Students learn to analyze data as related to religious practices, narrative analysis and comparative religious methodology

Methods of Assessment

one short paper
final research paper
Mid-term analysis and final research paper

Cross Cultural Analysis

This course focuses on how society and various religious institutions blend and function within the modern cultural life.
This course uses data from art, literature and social behavioral practices. Students understand how these disciplines work together to produce a specific pattern of religious practice.
This course focuses particularly on the idea of resistance and protest that defined the larger religious life in South Asia
Students learn the close reading of various religious texts and analyze diverse social institutions that produce different devotional methods. Students also understand how culture and material culture blend in creating a devotional life.

Cultural Diversity in the US


Quantitative Data Analysis

No prerequisites

Formal Reasoning


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