Classroom Guidelines

No Eating, Drinking or Smoking

Based on recommendations that were made by the Classroom Facilities Review Committee in their report on February 11, 1992 (Almanac, March 17, 1992), we are currently upgrading the conditions of the central-pool classrooms throughout the University. That report also underscored the need for the University Community to adhere to University guidelines that encourage everyone NOT to eat, drink or smoke in a University classroom.

Faculty and teaching assistants should take responsibility for the classrooms in which they teach. This responsibility includes:

  • making sure that food and drink never enter the classroom;
  • not allowing anyone to smoke in the classroom;
  • seeing that students remove any personal items they bring into the classroom; and
  • reporting to the building administrator any classroom in need of maintenance, housekeeping, or equipment repairs.

Classrooms can only be maintained at an acceptable level if the above guidelines are maintained and enforced.

(Source: Almanac, September 8, 1992)