Parking Regulations

General Information

These regulations are intended to facilitate the work of the faculty, staff, students, and visitors through control of the parking and movement of motor vehicles of these individuals while on campus. The fact that a person parks in violation of any regulations and is not towed does not mean that the regulation is no longer in effect.

The University is not responsible for loss or damage to your car or personal property within it while it is parked on University facilities. To avoid losses and the inconvenience they cause, park your car carefully so that it will not be struck by others, lock your car and avoid leaving personal items inside. Individuals are particularly encouraged not to leave citizen band radios and tape players visible. These should be disconnected and locked in the trunk of the car. Any car not displaying a parking sticker will be towed away at owner’s expense.

The Department of Transportation and Parking also coordinates a van pool program and car pool matching service. Information about these functions may be obtained by calling 898-8667.

Towing Policy

Motor vehicles in University facilities (including parking garages and lots) without the appropriate parking permit sticker are towed by a private contractor. The towing fee and designated location to recover towed cars are posted at all University parking facilities. The contractor is bonded and is responsible for any damage that may occur to a car in the process. The contractor’s personnel will release, to its owner, a car that has been towed upon payment of towing fee plus storage charge. If an owner finds his car about to be towed away, he may pay the tow truck operator a drop fee (and have his car released immediately) to reimburse the operators for the time that has been expended in coming to get the violating vehicle. The contractor requires payment in cash before releasing a towed car or about to be towed car. If in doubt as to the location where towed vehicles may be claimed, please call Public Safety at 898-7297 or 7298.

Private Streets

Several streets within the University campus have been designated as private streets under the control of the Department of Public Safety. These include all roads bordered by Walnut, 33rd and 40th Streets except 38th and 34th Streets. Parking is specifically forbidden on all private thoroughfares. Illegally parked vehicles on the streets will be ticketed and/or towed by a private contractor.


Faculty, staff, and students must apply for a parking permit for all motor vehicles (including two- and three-wheeled vehicles) if they park or expect to park on the University grounds. Fees will be charged and decals issued which will allow vehicles to be parked in specific parking areas assigned to them. For information call the Parking Office (898-8667).

Registration is considered completed when decals are affixed to vehicles being registered. Decals are not transferable. Replacement decals may be obtained at the Parking Office, Suite 447A, 3401 Walnut Street.

Towing Appeals

A towed vehicle is only released after the fee has been paid to the towing contractor. When a student or employee feels that her or his vehicle has been unjustly towed, she or he may appeal to the Parking Violations Board for a refund. The appeal should be in writing, state the relevant facts, and be addressed to

Attn: Associate Director for Housing Operations
Parking Violations Board
Housing and Conference Services
3702 Spruce St.
Stouffer Commons
Philadelphia, PA 19104

A fee refund is made when the Board decides in the complainant’s favor.