Policy on University Drivers and Mandatory Safety Training

Effective immediately, the Offices of Risk Management and Fire and Occupational Safety have instituted a mandatory drivers’ safety program for all University staff, faculty, and students who are assigned by a division or department to operate a vehicle loaned to, leased or owned by the University or University-related business. Departments and divisions will be given a reasonable opportunity to schedule such drivers to attend a basic drivers’ safety program sponsored by our offices and conducted by a National Transportation Safety expert. Thereafter, any department or division which sustains collision damage to a vehicle operated by a driver who has not attended this program will incur a 100% deductible for replacement of or repairs to the vehicle.

Programs will be offered throughout the summer and fall in a central location on campus and at various times to accommodate our staff, faculty, and student drivers. The program is four hours long and includes a lecture, a film, and demonstration on safe vehicle operation and maintenance and on accident management. Materials will be provided to attendees, including a Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual and vehicle accident kit. Following the program, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance which will be delivered to their supervisor or department head. The cost for the presentation and materials are borne by Risk Management and Safety Offices.

It is the responsibility of departmental and division supervisors to ensure compliance with this program. All scheduling should be conducted by the supervisors who must account for attendance to the program in the event of a vehicle accident for which a claim for reimbursement is made to the Office of Risk Management. This policy does not relieve a department or division from the responsibility for reporting all incidents involving University vehicles and the property or vehicles of others, regardless of the status of the drivers. The Office of Risk Management must receive an incident report with verification of all drivers and witnesses, as well as copies of police reports. The failure to report all such incidents may result in the loss of insurance coverage, including liability protection, to the University and its representatives.

Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to Risk Management Ext 8-6235. Please also read Safety Bulletin #32 regarding motor vehicle operation, available by calling Ext 8-6921, and address any questions concerning this bulletin to that office.

(Source: Almanac, September 22, 1992)