Political Candidates

University students are frequently involved in political events and activities on behalf of candidates for political office. Students are, of course, free to sponsor or participate in campaign-related activities as long as they do not use University resources. When engaging in partisan political activities, students should not imply that the University itself endorses or opposes any candidate for political office.

The following rules apply to student groups.

  1. No group, whether recognized or not, that plans to campaign for a particular candidate can receive an allocation from the Student Activities budget.
  2. Facilities that customarily are made available to student groups may, on a very limited basis, be used by student groups supporting candidates if such use does not preempt the use of facilities by nonpolitical groups. Fees normally charged for use of facilities must be paid in advance. Under no circumstances may groups supporting candidates use University space to establish a campaign headquarters nor can such groups be assigned permanent office space.
  3. No group that supports a candidate for public office may sponsor events in University facilities to raise money for the candidate’s campaign. Advance ticket sales or admissions charges at the door for campaign fund raising are not permitted.